NOWNodes Announces Shared EthereumPoW Nodes: What to Know Surrounding This Addition

NOWNodes Is Happy to Introduce a New Node - EthereumPoW

ETH PoW nodes

NOWNodes is thrilled to announce that it now offers an EthereumPoW node, which aims to carry out the traditional system through which Ethereum (ETH) originally functioned prior to the launch of "The Merge."

EthereumPoW is essentially an alternative network, which is a fork of the Ethereum network. A fork changes the functionality of the blockchain network drastically, where the goal of this specific fork is to maintain the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism that Ethereum was originally created with.

The community that believes Ethereum should still function under PoW can now gain access to this forked network, as NOWNodes provides this opportunity through the usage of a simple API key and an RPC connection.

The Ethereum Merge and Its Purpose

The Ethereum Merge was one of the most anticipated network upgrades in the network's history.

  • The Ethereum Merge is a network upgrade that transitions the Ethereum from the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.
  • The Merge enabled the reduction of energy costs associated with running the network and validating transactions by 99%.
  • This has made the network more decentralized due to the lower barrier of entry for node operators due to the lowered hardware requirements.
  • Ethereum can now add more scaling solutions, such as Sharding, in the long-term and increase its security through client diversity. 

Now Nodes Will Still Support The Ethereum (ETH) Node

NOWNodes is a blockchain-as-a-service provider that enables multiple blockchain nodes.

While the EthereumPoW is the new node being added to the line of offering, the Ethereum (ETH) nodes will still remain functional and available for those seeking to use the network and gain numerous blockchain-related data associated with it even after the Merge.

NOWNodes users now have access to:

This means that there is an option for both kinds of users, those who want to embrace the new PoS network and those that want to remain on the PoW network.

About NOWNodes

NOWNodes provides users with access to full crypto nodes and block explorers. There are numerous types of services on offer, including:

  • Shared Nodes - the most affordable way through which businesses can get into crypto
  • Dedicated nodes - a fully managed private node that offers the best overall experience.
  • Block Explorers - access to the most updated data surrounding cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Testnets - perfect for the beginning of crypto-related development.
  • Websocket connections - the most advanced as well as the safest technologies available for crypto businesses.

Through the EthereumPoW node, anyone can gain information surrounding the block height, wallet addresses, transaction data, or anything else that they require when it comes to the Ethereum network. Anyone can access EthereumPoW Nodes on NOWNodes today. 

There are over 57 other nodes available, and all feature an API uptime of 99.95% and are perfect for businesses.

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