Now Custom Development Solution For Freelancer Clone Is Available From NCrypted Technologies

The latest trend in the field of web development is about developing website clones. Now, it is possible to get Freelancer Clone built with the custom website clone development solution provided by NCrypted Technologies. Contact NCrypted Technologies

The latest trend in the field of web development is about developing website clones. Website Clones provide an easy and direct way to prepare a platform which is similar to a highly productive original website and even avail the facility to customize the features and functionalities of the script based on our custom requirements. Due to this, the final outcome of our website clone is not only similar but far better than the popular and in-demand website. Thus, website clones provide the advantage of preparing a superb replica of the original website by changing and converting the website script according to our private custom needs.

Different website clone scripts based on a variety of categories are available in the market. Most of them are of the popular utility based websites. Many web development companies are offering website clone scripts in the IT industry. But most often they do not serve the purpose of a client due to its failure to provide custom solution for a website. Now, NCrypted Technologies - A renowned web development company offers custom development solution for Freelancer Clone at service with best customer support and very reasonable price. is the world's largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business. It has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. It connects over 3 million employers and freelancers globally from over 234 countries & regions. Through the website, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering and the sciences, sales and marketing, and accounting & legal services. The average job is under US$200, making outsourcing for the first time extremely cost effective for small businesses.

Formerly known as, the company was founded in 2004 by Plendo Sweden, headed up by Magnus Tibell of Swedish web solutions company Innovate It. was bought on the 7th May 2009 by the Australian company Ignition Networks. The buyers changed the name to in October 2009. Users of fall into two main categories: buyers and providers. Buyers are individuals or companies who wish to outsource their work. Once registered users are able to bid for projects, or post their own. To help buyers decide which user to buy, Freelancer allows providers to take exams and prove their skills.

Now, it is possible to get Freelancer Clone built with the custom website clone development solution provided by NCrypted Technologies. NCrypted Technologies offers custom Freelancer clone development solution that enables building exactly similar outsourcing site having all the features which are eventually present in Freelancer website.

The key features of NCrypted's Freelancer Clone are as follows:

--> NCrypted Technologies is the only company which builds a custom website clone script according to custom requirements of all the features and functionalities the client wants in the website. All other IT companies are providing readymade 3rd party scripts but no other company is providing a 'custom Freelancer Clone solution' like NCrypted. Only NCrypted provides a world-class custom development solution for Freelancer Clone.

--> NCrypted uses the latest web technologies like PHP, Joomla, JavaScript etc. according to the client's requirement to build a Web 2.0 and world-class Freelancer Clone script site UI design.

--> The Company is in the business of web development since past 6 years. So, the client gets the advantage of its experience and expertise for Freelancer Clone.

--> The Company assumes full responsibility of Freelancer Clone project from the very 1st phase of Project Analysis and Data Gathering right through the Testing phase and beyond.

--> NCrypted offers the best quality custom Freelancer Clone script solution at a very reasonable and affordable rate.

As the company does not provide a pre-defined readymade Freelancer Clone script but a custom Freelancer Clone development solution, the client is always in the driving sit regarding customization and ownership of the website. 3rd party ready made scripts suffer from the drawbacks of limited features and functionality and thus do not have the scope to expand the website further. Moreover, the same script is provided to a number of clients which makes it a common replica of the original website and does not help in achieving the project targets in the end. Contradictorily, it is possible to add as many of the required features with necessary functionality in custom Freelancer Clone development solution. Thus, the outcome will become a client's own unique custom website clone solution which will not only be different but even far better than other similar website clones developed by other web development companies.

Also, a ready made script does not help in owning the copyright control of the website with the client. This aspect comes in way when the client wants to go public or sell the website. On the other hand, if it is a custom development solution, it is a fresh code developed especially for the client according to the custom requirements and thus the client gets 100% copyright ownership for all the source code, graphics and the DBA. Most of all, at NCrypted all these is available with an amazing lower rate almost comparable to that of a leased rate for a 3rd party readymade solution!

With the specialized clone development solution provided by NCrypted, it is certainly a one-stop solution for getting custom development solution for Freelancer Clone. Contact NCrypted Technologies today to finalize custom development solution for Freelancer Clone in order to develop an exceptional outsourcing site which can generate great revenue.

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