Now Create Mobile Apps For Your Business Within Minutes Using Mobiwonder

Businesses can now create mobile apps within minutes by logging on to No programming skills are required and users can also request for full app management support at no extra cost.

Small business owners including those operating restaurants, real estate agencies, fitness centers and professional services can now build mobile apps for their business by logging on to Business owners can create apps for all popular smartphone and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML 5 devices.

Currently creating an app strategy for any business has become as essential as having a website considering several hundred million users now access the internet via their mobiles. However, it is often not possible for small businesses to create mobile apps considering they still cost thousands of dollars to develop and require maintenance as well as regular updates. Also most business owners do not have the programming skills to fully understand how business apps work and develop accordingly. This is where makes things a lot simpler. Users can sign up on their website and for a nominal monthly fee, can create business apps within minutes. There are no programming skills required as all features are already coded and built-in. Users simply have to choose what they want and where each feature should be placed in the app. Business owners can allow their mobile app to pick up content from their current websites and provide dynamic updates to their app users. The website comes with several features that can be added to apps such as GPS coupons, appointment settings, lead generation, social media integration, GPS navigation to any place of business etc. New features are also added all the time and app owners can even use the push messaging system to send a message across to all of their app subscribers.

While online app creation services have existed for a while, what is unique about is that they provide full app management support as well at no extra cost. What this means is that if a business owner does not want to create the apps themselves or does not have the time to add certain features, they can ask support staff at to simply login and add the features required. This is a huge advantage to business owners as this means not only do they get a fully functional business app creation service; they have an app management team as well at no extra cost.

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