Now Couples Can End Blanket Tug of War With New Blankini

For the millions of people who put up with a blanket hog or be caught up in a blanket tug of war at night, there's a remarkable new invention that's brilliant in its simplicity - the Blankini.

The Blankini Company, LLC, has just launched the Blankini, a soft, cuddly bed blanket that is divided partway down the middle, giving each person the ability to pull it up, down or over, without disturbing their partner. The genius of the product is in its simplicity. The bottom 30 inches of the Blankini is unified, so it tucks into the bed like a conventional blanket. It also has a toggle and loop at the top that keeps the blanket together if desired, but also easily unhooks so that the blanket can fold apart allowing each person to sleep undisturbed and in their desired level of comfort.

The hand stitched center hems of the Blankini are soft yet durable enough to hold up to repeated flipping open and closed without fraying. The design is so unique; it is patent pending. The company has released an informational video that shows how the Blankini works so effectively.

The Blankini was the idea of Jon Hall, who has been married to his wife Lisa for 25 years and like most couples battled over the blankets, where one would be hot and the other would be cold. Hall had the idea one morning in April when he woke up cold because Lisa had kicked the blankets off overnight. He questioned why a blanket had to be all in one piece, and the idea was born. Hall chose the name Blankini, because just like a bikini, it’s better than a one piece.

“So many couples, my husband and I included, couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because one of us always seemed to be pulling the covers off each other. The Blankini puts an end to that struggle and provides peace at bedtime and a more restful night’s sleep,” says Lisa Hall, president of The Blankini Company.

The Blankini is available in cotton and flannel and in a variety of colors for both queen and king sized beds. Pricing starts at just at $49.00. For more information, or to make a purchase from the company’s website, visit

About The Blankini Company, LLC

The Blankini Company, LLC is the designer of the Blankini, an ingenious divided bed blanket that ends the nightly blanket tug of war and thwarts the blanket hog, allowing couples to sleep more soundly and comfortably. For more information, visit

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Based in Cincinnati, OH, The Blankini Company created the Blankini, an ingenious divided bed blanket that ends the nightly blanket tug of war and thwarts the blanket hog. The Blankini--better than a one piece blanket!

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