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Mystery Queen

​​​​​​​​​​​Mystery Queen, a comic book company, is announcing their first newly released comic!  Mystery Queen comics are an incredible never-before-seen combination of amazing true stories from real life superhero, Mystery Queen, and her partnership with an already existing, fantastic superhero team.  Mystery Queen is meant to give you that nonstop fuel to always be courageous, hopeful, and keep trying to reach your goals.

As superhero Mystery Queen states, "Feel your inner superhero, be courageous and strong . . . stay amazing and fantastic!!"

Growing up as a little girl, superhero Mystery Queen endured many traumatic events, along with supernatural phenomena constantly developing with her.  One particular incident that surpassed them all happened right before graduating high school.  

"Feel your inner superhero, be courageous and strong . . . stay amazing and fantastic!!"

Mystery Queen


One night, Mystery Queen was partying with some friends, and didn't realize she was having an accidental overdose.  To make matters worse, when friends brought Mystery Queen home before curfew, there was no one around to save her!  While going to her room, Mystery Queen clenched onto the belief that she was essentially doing better.  Except, after barely making it into bed, Mystery Queen realized it was much more serious than she had ever thought.  

With the complete feeling of unknown suspense, she acknowledged the presence of the universe.  Mystery Queen's life began to unfold in front of her - significant events, people, and memories.  The astonishing part was the entire collection played like a movie going backwards.

As she closed her eyes, Mystery Queen saw a vibrant white light opening from a dark tunnel above her.  At that same moment, luminous angels brightly appeared on both sides.  Mystery Queen started hearing various phrases spoken to her, and unexpectedly felt her heart starting to beat slower.  What soon followed was her last couple heart beats, eventually ending the severely painful overdose, and her life, at around 12:00 Midnight.

For the entire night, Mystery Queen remained motionless on her right shoulder.  During those long hours, the possibility of coming back to consciousness seemed to be an unrealistic option.  Yet, just as the sparkling sun glistened through the window, amazingly Mystery Queen's eyes opened wide unexpectedly.  She accepted right there, at around 8:00 am in the morning, that her breaths, heart beats, and life were saved!

Gradually evolving from this unexplained situation, Mystery Queen created an inspiring relationship with the fantastic Mystery Queen Superhero Team, in addition to her secret partner, Mystery King!  Above all, their incredible resilience, combat perseverance, and connected endurance makes Mystery Queen comics a truly amazing action packed adventure!

Mystery Queen is now available on Amazon! 

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"Feel your inner superhero, be courageous and strong . . . stay amazing and fantastic!!" - Love, Mystery Queen

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