NovaTech Customer Presents at 2017 ARC Industry Forum

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions presents case study highlighting NovaTech's commitment to improving plant safety and performance through its patented procedural automation software

Laura Sheets of SRNS presents at ARC Forum

NovaTech, LLC recently sponsored and participated in the annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida. NovaTech customer Laura Sheets, a Lead Process Control Engineer for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, presented a case entitled “Integration of Manual and Automatic Procedures – Value and Benefit.”

With the theme of “Industry in Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise,” the event brought together over 700 leaders from within the chemical, oil and gas, power, food and beverage, life sciences, and automotive industries.

During her presentation, Sheets discussed the problems encountered when standard operating procedures are not used and the benefits of utilizing an electronic solution for execution of procedures instead of paper and ink.
Savannah River’s leadership team wanted to have “electronic procedures” for their operators as a way to keep them engaged and drive the process safely. The goal was to have an operator interface that mimicked step-by-step procedures. NovaTech worked closely with the site engineering and operations teams to create Paperless Procedures™ (PLP), a procedural automation software.

Sheets commented, “Years have passed, and our operators find the tool indispensable; it has withstood the test of time. In addition to improving safety performance, Paperless Procedures has led to improvements in operational efficiency and quality.”

Given the value that PLP has delivered to the site over the past twelve years, Savannah River is now collaborating with NovaTech on a next-generation version. Augmented Manual Procedures™ or AMP, is a platform-independent procedural automation software which will work with any control system, a key requirement for Savannah River and other process industry end users.

To learn more about how Savannah River worked with NovaTech to develop an operator-friendly procedural automation solution, view Sheets’ presentation on NovaTech’s website.

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