Nova Scotia's 4Deep Inwater Imaging 'S Software Pivotal in New Deep-Sea Find

Scientists at Old Dominion University have used Halifax-based 4Deep inwater imaging’s software to discover
that large particles in the deep ocean (5500 m depth) are much more abundant than previously known.

Published earlier this month in Nature, one of the highest impact scientific journals, researchers used 4Deep
inwater imaging’s patented software “Octopus” to reconstruct in-situ holograms of particles in the deep
ocean. The researchers also used the Octopus software to identify and measure particles observed.

"We are very excited to have our products featured in such a high-profile journal as Nature. It is a true testament to our technology that researchers are now able to obtain results not available using traditional microscopes"

Dr. Stephen Jones, CEO 4Deep inwater imaging

Their results suggest that traditional particle sampling methods such as sediment traps and bottle samples
may be inadequate in sampling all particle sizes in the deep ocean, while in-situ monitoring, such as
holographic microscopy, is more accurate and useful.

Source: 4Deep inwater imaging

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4Deep inwater imaging is a technology firm specializing in the design, production and sale of holographic microscopes. These devices can be used to monitor water in-situ or in lab samples in real-time.

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