NOVA Marketing President Returns From Australian Meeting

Michael Castellini, NOVA Marketing's President, recently returned from a trip to Australia during which he had the opportunity to meet with presidents from other companies and view the industry from a global perspective.

"When it comes to NOVA Marketing and our team, I want to be sure we're using the best practices," said Castellini. "This trip was a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse into event-based outreach outside of our region or even nationwide."

For Castellini, this was an exciting trip as it was his first time in Australia. "I've never been down under before and it truly is as awe-inspiring as I imagined," he said. "It's a long flight from San Diego, but worth it."

While in Australia, Castellini networked with presidents from firms similar to NOVA Marketing. "I had a chance to witness how some of the more established leaders in this industry run events," he explained. "They specialize in these types of campaigns and offered numerous tips and best practices I look forward to applying stateside with our team."

"Raising our voices for good is a global movement, and it was refreshing to note how these teams share the same passion we do for making a difference," he noted. "Healthier communities are something we all strive for when it comes to our work."

Of course, the entire trip wasn't without moments to explore this vast continent. "I definitely took part in some sightseeing," Castellini stated. "I couldn't travel to the other side of the globe without taking some time for relaxation and adventure!"

NOVA Marketing President on the Benefit of Business Travel

Castellini is a proponent of business travel for NOVA Marketing's people. "There are so many advantages," he explained. "First, as I noted with my trip to Australia, you gain different perspectives and approaches to use. It widens your repertoire of techniques."

"Second, there's something refreshing about being away from the office," he added. "When on business travel, you can be inspired by unique experiences. This extends beyond what you might learn from others. Sometimes a change of scenery can stimulate the right area of your brain and unlock the solution to a challenge."

Networking was one of the key reasons for the Australia trip and one that Castellini praises. "When you travel, you meet new people who quickly become powerful connections," he noted. "I'll be in contact with the new connections I made down under and hope to have them visit us here in California someday."

"Imagine if we never went anywhere, how dull our lives would be," Castellini concluded. "Business travel enriches us in so many ways. I'm grateful for this opportunity."

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NOVA Marketing creates direct promotional solutions that shine a light on companies and nonprofits dedicated to social good. The firm is full of people with a passion for being part of the change movement. The team channels their energy into building peer-to-peer promotions that inspire likeminded people to act. Each ambassador for good brings a different perspective, which results in rich campaigns that reach diverse audiences. Together, they lend their voices to create greater social impact. NOVA Marketing has served many entities, including those devoted to safer neighborhoods, child healthcare, and organic foods. Learn how they're making the world a better place, one campaign at a time, by visiting

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