Nova Fabrica Release the FloTron X HR - a High Optical Resolution OES and Process Control System

Nova Fabrica introduce the FloTron X HR, a high-resolution Plasma Emission Monitoring system with state-of-the-art multi-channel process control.

Nova Fabrica has introduced the FloTron X HR, a high-resolution Plasma Emission Monitoring system with state-of-the-art multi-channel process control.

The FloTron™ X HR ( is a high-resolution plasma OES and process control system that comprises a UV-VIS-nIR CCD spectrometer with detector range 200-1100 nm and optical resolution better than 0.5 nm.

“Meeting plasma monitoring and characterisation requirements of a vast number of novel technological plasma processes can be a challenging task. High technical specifications, impeccable quality and electronics/software with greater functionality will allow Nova Fabrica’s FloTron™ X HR to raise the bar for the entire industry,” said Dr Martynas Audronis, Nova Fabrica’s CEO. “At the same time the system is priced affordably, which combined with fast delivery can save substantial time and financial resources.”

Dr Martynas Audronis feels that FloTron™ X HR fills a gap in a niche market with currently only expensive and rather out-dated products available, thus making the FloTron™ X HR the preferred plasma OES instrument for accurate plasma parameter identification and reliable determination of plasma characteristics.

FloTron™ X HR is highly suitable for process monitoring and/or control applications, where multiple and/or otherwise difficult to discern plasma species play important role. It is applicable to vast technical fields covering the majority of technological plasma processes (e.g. vacuum, atmospheric, water-based, etc.).

FloTron™ X HR is perfect for R&D and suitable for pilot (in certain cases 24/7 mass) production,” says Dr Martynas Audronis. He further adds “Same as every other product in the growing FloTron™ family, the X HR is built to very high specification and brings state-of-the-art feedback control, high accuracy, excellent long-term stability and reproducibility as well as cost effectiveness and easiness of integration into existing or OEM systems.”

This new addition, with successful field testing results and pre-official-release delivery record to show off, makes a promising start that will pave the way to many exciting field deployments in the near future.

About Nova Fabrica Ltd.:

Nova Fabrica Ltd. is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of process monitoring and control solutions for thin film applications based on plasma PVD, CVD and ALD. The FloTron™ systems have a proven track record facilitating breakthroughs deposition of functional coatings (optical, decorative, photovoltaic, etc.). For more information on plasma monitoring and reactive sputtering process control technology, visit Nova Fabrica’s web site at


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