NourishLife Announces Resolution of FTC Regulatory Matter

NourishLife, the makers of the SpeechNutrients speak® product, announces the resolution of regulatory matter with the FTC.

NourishLife, the makers of the SpeechNutrients speak® omega-3 + vitamin E dietary supplement for children with special dietary requirements, announces the resolution of regulatory matter with the FTC Federal Trade Commission.

Mark Nottoli, the President of NourishLife, states, “NourishLife was established with a vision to ‘make a difference in the world’.  Our goal has been to operate in consideration of our customers, the community, our employees, and our suppliers. We value truth, openness, fairness and compassion.  Therefore, we think it’s important to let our consumers and the public know about a development that’s occurred between NourishLife and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).”

The FTC regulates advertising (and is a separate agency from the FDA).  The FTC determined that some of the claims NourishLife had used in prior marketing were not adequately substantiated.  Therefore, NourishLife made changes to their marketing and packaging and agreed, among other things, to no longer use those claims.

According to Nottoli, “The FTC matter relates to marketing and does not pertain to the quality of the ingredients in speak or the Children’s Hospital’s licensed formulation.  Speak is produced under the same high-quality standards and with the same high purity ingredients our customers have come to expect.  Consumers may notice that the speak label, boxes, and other materials have somewhat different wording, but the formulation remains the same.”

In the spring of 2013, a consumer advocacy group, Truth in Advertising or TINA, contacted NourishLife with concerns regarding their marketing. TINA passed along their concerns to various regulatory and consumer agencies.  In a follow-up, the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) requested that NourishLife change some of their marketing claims which NourishLife agreed and completed.   In October of 2013, TINA formally withdrew their complaints from the agencies, including the FTC.

“Thousands of parents and hundreds of health care professionals around the world have used our patent-pending speak product since it was introduced in 2008. NourishLife has been the recipient of the ‘Outstanding Application in Healthcare Management’ award in Geneva, Switzerland and has also received the ‘Complaint Free’ award from the Better Business Bureau for the past 5 years.  We are proud of the quality and convenience of the speak product and in the way we have and continue to conduct our business,” Nottoli continued.

About NourishLife:

NourishLife intends to contribute to a major improvement in health and wellness by addressing nutritional deficiencies. Founded by nutrition industry veterans, the firm commissions expert scientists and nutritionists passionate about health.

The firm was awarded an exclusive license to a patent-pending nutritional formulation designed for children with special nutritional requirements.

NourishLife is a privately held business located outside of Chicago.

Press Contact:

Kara Bolton, NourishLife LLC, 272 E. Deerpath Road, Suite 244, Lake Forest, IL 60045 USA Tel: 847-582-1316