Notorious Needle Announces Grand Opening With the Effin' Flowers Cross Stitch Collection

The Notorious Needle's delightfully unexpected Effin' Flowers cross stitch pattern collection will embolden contemporary stitchers to "break the rules" starting Sept. 6, 2019 exclusively on Etsy.

"Nope" Funny Cross Stitch in Colorful Floral Wreath

​The Notorious Needle would like to announce their grand opening by introducing their very first line of cross stitch designs: The Effin’ Flowers Collection. Using the classic, relaxing form of fiber art to buck tradition, the collection will be available exclusively in the Notorious Needle Etsy store starting Friday, Sept. 6, 2019. 

This highly-anticipated collection of cross stitch patterns juxtaposes lovely floral wreaths with rude phrases, drawing on the especially popular current trend of coarse memes written in beautiful, swirling script. Stitchers worldwide will have a blast whipping up charming housewarming decor while shocking friends and family with boorish wording. Choose from over 40 patterns with various color moods paired simply with one of many surly phrases like “Nope”, popular in the US, or some other less polite four-letter words. 

For the especially adventurous stitcher, Effin’ Flowers includes never-before-seen 3D cross-stitched letters, taking cross stitch into the next dimension. Each letter combines a retro, 80’s inspired diamond design with some of today’s trendy colors: sea green, pale yellow, and the 2019 Pantone color of the year: living coral.

The Notorious Needle has tutorials available on the site so that cross stitch beginners can create their own handmade wall art. Each pattern also includes a free quick start guide to help beginners, or a cheat sheet for those returning to the craft. The 3D patterns also include a video tutorial unique to each design so that the stitcher knows exactly how to put it together, step-by-step.

Designer and Founder Sarah Vargas believes in the curative power of creativity and handmade art. After escaping domestic violence and struggling with the resulting depression, she reverted to her childhood comfort of cross stitch – with a twist. By stitching what was taboo, the freedom of art as self-expression helped her heal, along with loving friends and family. Now she works to pay it forward and help others discover the liberation and laughter that can be found in making snarky, sassy stitches.

“We are walled in by expectations,” Sarah says. “Just because we’ve always done it that way, isn’t good enough. Bonus points if it makes you laugh.” 

For the first time, Sarah has created an entire line of over 40 designs of her favorite, cathartic cross stitch patterns. The Effin’ Flowers Collection is scheduled to go live on Sept. 6, 2019. The collection will be sold exclusively at the Notorious Needle Etsy shop at

Based in Tamarac, FL, the motivating aim of the Notorious Needle is to empower people to ditch what they are “supposed” to create and stitch whatever they want. Its patterns range from small 3-inch practice projects for beginners, to challenging 3D creations designed for confident stitchers. The company started in 2018 as a resource of tutorials and recommended supplies for cross stitch beginners to learn the craft. 

Notorious Needle free practice patterns and tutorials can be found on the site Social media accounts are linked on the site as well.

Sarah Vargas
Sarah Beth, LLC
dba Notorious Needle
7154 N. University Drive #141
Tamarac, FL 33321

Source: Notorious Needle

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Notorious Needle empowers people to break the rules of conventional cross stitch with radical designs.

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