Notifier Discusses the Importance of Proactive Social Listening


Notifier is a startup out of Houston, Texas that allows companies to get notified when their brand is mentioned online. Currently, we only support Reddit but are rolling out support for many other platforms in 2021.

A lot of our customers understand the concept of Social Listening. That is, they know they need to leverage a tool like ours to "Listen" for customer and brand feedback. What they are not familiar with though is the concept of Proactive Social Listening.

What is Proactive Social Listening?

Proactive Social Listening is quickly and intelligently interacting with your customers online. It's a more modern concept that a lot of larger and older companies are not yet comfortable with. However, it's essential in the modern digital world that we live in.  

These companies are not used to the ideal that they need to be monitoring and responding to customer issues on platforms that the customers actually use! You can't just set up a support inbox and wait for customers to come to you. They won't do it. These days customers are more likely to return an item online if they find a problem with it rather than trying to send an email to your support queue and waiting four business days for a response.

The primary platform we support, Reddit is a great example of this. Reddit is the most popular public forum on the internet. It is also indexed by Google search which means when your customers are typing something in Google Search about your product it's very likely they could come upon a Reddit post by a customer of yours discussing your product! You need the customer to see a response by a company account responding to their issue. 

Getting Product Feedback

Responding to social listening is also a great way to interface directly with your customers and get valuable product feedback so you can iterate and improve your product. You see this with a lot of savvy social media built companies these days. They release a feature. Get feedback on social media, improve it, and repeat.

Finding New Customers

Finally, many of the customers we work with at Notifier are surprised to find that Social Listening can be used to even prospect for new clients. How is that?  

By searching for keywords that potential customers might mention. For example, suppose I have developed a new VPN platform. I could search for keywords like "Looking for VPN recommendations" and then respond and market my product whenever those words are mentioned. This technique is especially powerful for early stage startups that can't afford traditional marketing channels like ads.

If you're interested in hearing more about Proactive Social Listening then feel free to reach out to us and schedule a demo with one of the Notifier team members today!

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