'Nothing to Fear About Brexit' - Says Benons Catering CEO

Brexit brings bumper year to catering services provider


A leading private and corporate caterer is today celebrating a bumper year result with the best-ever performance in their over 15 years of existence. The company attributes the better-than-expected return to the Brexit effect and follows a string of strong repeat customers from its traditional base, as well as new clients, as the stay-at-home U.K. public is choosing to celebrate events at home. “This trend has been ongoing for some time,” says Emma, CEO of Benons Catering. “Companies are reporting a dip in continental business events, something that’s spurring business at home,” she says.

The company, which serves the small to mid-range events catering sector, has this set plan to roll out its kitchen and physical installations throughout the U.K. to bring its services close to its base. This is in response to the increasing demand in this sector. The events sector continues to grow nationally, with a market value of £45 billion annually in the U.K. economy. Benons Catering services fill the vital gap in the market that’s not served by the national providers, such as Soedxo and Compass Group, while also still not covered by local independents. The company’s model is for a centralised operation that brings economic benefits to its clients while keeping consistency in its service throughout the country. It’s the single catering service that’s currently able to cover the breadth of the U.K. mainland. “Our unique approach ensures we look after companies with distribution locations throughout the country while offering them a centralised platform to manage their one-off or regular event catering needs,” observes Emma. “As a result, we’re celebrating this strong growth this year thanks to Brexit and the work ethic my team and I put in daily to look after our customers. This is something we’re proud of,” says Emma.

With a successful Brexit, the company predicts even further consolidation within the sector as companies' activities get more consolidated within the sector. Emma predicts the future for the industry to be dominated by innovation, agile and lean practices — something her company is already working tirelessly to implement throughout its operations. Companies and the public with event catering needs will continue to look out for services that are responsive to their needs and deliver high standards of event catering consistently. For example, there is an increasing trend for companies looking out for opportunities for complimentary event catering services to their existing systems. Other instances are for companies recognising that, as a part of their company's benefits perks, retaining core staff now means having a company facilitated catering service. “Productivity is now a key issue for most companies, and we see an increasing trend towards a demand for tailored services to the company staff for regular catering. This is only set to grow,” says Emma

In line with sentiment from the chair of the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink (NSAFD), Paul Wilkinson, while launching a new apprenticeship initiative at the House of Commons a few years ago, SMBs in the food and drinks sector can rest assured that his upbeat message at the time still rings true. Brexit will deliver “unique opportunities” for British food and drink businesses to boost exports benefiting from the lower pound while allowing the industry to develop unfettered by the chains of EU red tape rings true. These opportunities and benefits are extending to the consolidation of the U.K.-wide PLC under the Brexit cloud. Innovation and research have an essential role to play. For Benons Catering, Brexit itself is indeed the silver lining in that Brexit cloud.

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