NoteStream™ Launches 2.0 Update, Creates Unparalleled User Experience

Mobile Learning App Provides Platform For Writers and Journalists to Engage with Readers via Mobile

NoteStream™, the innovative learning app designed to enable users to find, enjoy and follow long-form articles and blogs easily on their mobile devices, today announced the launch of NoteStream version 2.0. Available via the Apple® App Store (, NoteStream’s latest update provides readers with an enhanced user experience and navigation capabilities, unprecedented control over in-app push notifications and improved search functionality. 

Founded in 2014 by Richard and Michelle Forsythe, the NoteStream app presents content known as NoteStreams in sequential, short, easy-to-read segments known as Notes. Ideal for consumption on a mobile device, unlimited NoteStreams can be saved in a user’s personal file box, are accessible in any order, always remember the user’s last place, and once downloaded, are available offline. Key features of NoteStream version 2.0 include:

The Power Wheel™ – the innovative Power Wheel allows users to navigate the app in an intuitive way. In addition, the Power Wheel makes it simple to share a NoteStream via social media and offers the ability to bookmark a particular note for easy access later. 

Push Notification Control – NoteStream provides readers with unprecedented control over push notifications by allowing them to set the frequency of in-app notifications to either immediately, daily or weekly.

Red Crumbs™ – with the introduction of Red Crumbs, users have the ability to “follow the trail of crumbs” to find new and updated content within the NoteStream app, offering a clearly marked trail to new content from the user’s favorite authors.

Author Profiles – authors will now have the opportunity to contribute as both a primary or secondary contributor, allowing those who write for multiple publications to have their work featured on NoteStream either as part of the publication or individually. Each NoteStream clearly displays its author along with their respective background or biography.

Explore Page – designed to inspire and encourage discovery, the Explore Page allows each subject category of interest to be sorted in one of four ways: by rating, newest, author name or A to Z. Additionally, readers can choose to follow authors via the Author Profile in Explore or even at the end of each NoteStream.

To compliment the app’s update, NoteStream’s website ( will also be getting a makeover. In conjunction with the launch, the NoteStream website will now include author profiles, as well as full NoteStreams. Authors and their respective NoteStreams will be linked, allowing users to browse online content more effectively. Users will also have the opportunity to add NoteStreams to their mobile app directly from the website.  

“Mobile devices and apps account for more than half of the Internet usage in the U.S.,” said Michelle Forsythe, CEO and co-founder of NoteStream. “Not only are we now seeing mobile exceed PCs in terms of how users are accessing the Internet and information, but we are also now understanding the impact that mobile devices and apps themselves have on how we consume content. Studies show nearly 90 percent of time spent on mobile is spent in apps. Mobile responsive websites simply aren’t good enough. NoteStream metrics have shown that 73 percent of users that start a NoteStream will finish it, even with longer content. By continuously adding new expert contributors to the NoteStream app, we are providing users with wide-ranging categories for exploration, and giving bloggers, writers and journalists a powerful platform to engage with their readership via mobile.”

NoteStream’s contributors are carefully selected and identified as experts in their designated category. The author profile provides evidence of the author’s expertise and gives ownership and transparency to each NoteStream. Contributors are provided with metrics, including number of readers and time spent with their content. All NoteStream content remains the property of the author and is fully attributed with an author profile and credits. Individuals interested in contributing to NoteStream are invited to visit

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About NoteStream™

NoteStream™ is an innovative mobile learning app that encourages personal growth and exploration through the presentation of enriching content in snackable form written by expert contributors on a wide range of topics. NoteStream was launched in 2014 by Michelle and Richard Forsythe who wanted to learn more about French wine but were underwhelmed with their options to do so. They decided to create a mobile solution where anyone could acquire credible information in the scattered moments of “dead time” found throughout the modern mobile lifestyle. Unlimited NoteStreams can be saved in a personal file box, are automatically picked up where the reader leaves off, and are easily shared. For more information, please visit