Nosh Pit Detroit and Om Café Present #Nom

​Nosh Pit Detroit and Om Café in Ferndale are pleased to have launched a novel food truck and café fusion on July 17 that continues from July 19 until July 22, 2017 during Om Café's normal operating business hours on Wednesday – Friday from 4 – 9 p.m. and Saturday from 11 – 3 p.m. and 4 – 9 p.m. located at 23136 Woodward Avenue in Ferndale.

This week-long event aims to demonstrate the power of community by serving completely new and absolutely amazing vegan / vegetarian fare that could only be crafted out of collaboration. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Ferndale Catfé.  Nosh Pit Detroit and Om Café haven't only committed to cuisine fusion and a common cause, but they've also combined their names as a banner for the event, #Nom. "It's the delightful sound made when eating something truly delicious, fresh and unique," Karen Schutlz, Owner of Nosh Pit Detroit, said.

Nom... It's the delightful sound made when eating something truly delicious, fresh and unique.

Karen Schultz, Owner of Nosh Pit Detroit

Supporters for #Nom showed up in record numbers on Monday night and as a result, Om Café actually sold out of food! "The kick off for #Nom was a glorious dining experience. We are so honored that this inaugural event was so well-attended and look forward to serving you the rest of this week and in the future," Jessica Norwood, Owner of Om Café said. Both owners will be serving the dishes and helping welcome Om Café guests for this special event through the rest of the week. Don't miss this incredible event.

The Om Café Story:
Colleen Smiley, mom of two, started the Om Café in 1985 with the simple motivation of love for people and food. She was a pioneer of her time in a meat and potato country, waging a war of vegetables against meat, antibiotics, growth hormones and processed food. She and the Om have always celebrated organic food and the heroism of local farmers. Colleen’s eldest son Jason, stopped home for a visit from his travels and saw the same customers at the Om from when he was bussing tables over twenty-five years ago. He decided to get back into the family business to support the community that had supported his family for so long. Colleen retired and Jason took over the family business. A few years later, Jessica Norwood, whose parents had been bringing her to the Om Cafe since she was three years old, had the chance to fulfill her dream by carrying on the Om torch. She took over the Om with Colleen and Jason's blessing to continue the commitment to attentive service, tasty healthy food and most of all an overall enjoyable dinning experience. For more information about Om Café, please visit

The Nosh Pit Detroit Story:
Stefan, Eric and Karen met in a Detroit area cooking group. Stefan was leaving his job in the music industry and Karen was leaving hers in sustainability services. Eric is design and technology guru. They all got together and came up with a food truck concept that combined Stefan's creative cooking with clean healthy foods and Karen and Eric’s love of Israel, veganism and baked goods. You will often see Stefan’s son Kaz or Karen and Eric's sons Red or Jonah working with the truck crew.  Their truck recycles and composts and buys ingredients locally as much as possible. They were recently recognized as one of the best vegan food trucks in the nation by Mobile Cuisine and they’ve won many local awards including 1st place for our hummus at the Shawarma Fest in Royal Oak, 2016. 2nd place for the best restaurant at the International Veg Fest in Novi, 2016 and 3rd place for the best pumpkin recipe (Pumpkin Soup) at Detroit Food Labs, 2016. For more information about the Nosh Pit Detroit, please visit

About the Catfé​ Lounge
Founded in 2015, the Catfé Lounge is a different take on the cat cafe concept. We don’t just partner with a animal rescue, we are a part of the Ferndale Cat Shelter, a 501c3 cat rescue. All of the cats and kittens at the shelter are available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting a cat, the Catfé is the best place to meet and play with kitties in need of homes. Patrons can visit the Catfe Lounge on a donation basis (tax deductible) and play with the cats and kittens or just watch them napping (which can be very therapeutic). We also offer coffee, tea, and a variety of treats. For more information about Catfé Longe, please visit

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The Nosh Pit Detroit


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The Nosh Pit Detroit food truck specializes in clean and healthy (but delicious) vegan and vegetarian eats. We cater too! For more information, please visit

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