Norton 360 V6.0 Arrives Promising Optimum Safeguard From All Online Threats

Norton 360 v6.0 from Symantec has arrived recently with advanced security features promising maximum virtual protection. It has 4 step safeguard process and offers PC tuning & extensive diagnostic reporting

Manhattan, KS Norton 360 v6.0 arrives with the guarantee to help the users with optimum internet security. The Symantec product has declared to come up with many advanced features and some considerable up gradations over its previous model Norton Internet Security 2012.

The latest Symantec product is found to have been equipped with 4 step safeguard process called "SONAR4 Behavioral Protection". "The new Norton version comes with in built backup system that enables in safe information storage to USB drive or disk on any virtual storage area. The anti virus will scan every attachment, instant messages and emails of the user before opening to eliminate all the possible infections from getting into the computer", reveals the product spokesperson while speaking about this new anti virus product.

On considering the up gradations of the version 6 over the previous Norton Internet Security 2012, it's found that the latest one has been added with 2GB internet storage place, PC tuning features and complete diagnostic reporting.

Norton 360 v6.0 would tune up the PC settings effectively & keep the memory space free from all rubbish, our sources add while reporting on Norton 360 v6.0 review( ). The product has further claimed to block up all unimportant Norton updates and also works effective for network monitoring.

"The latest Symantec anti-virus Norton model comes with start up manager for unnecessary item removal from PC's Start menu, report manager to record all monthly activity plus 2 way firewall to prevent hacking attempts when the user is busy online", the spokesperson shares with us when asked more on Norton 360 version 6 review( ). The product has also informed to offer for a 24/7 support free of charge via phone, email or chat.

In addition, Norton 360 v6 is offering rootkit protection, worm protection, boot recovery, secure password protection and a safe surfing guarantee for Facebook users that ensures harmful links not to be displayed on user's Facebook profile.

Besides while inquired about the Norton 360 v6.0 coupon code( ), we were reported that no coupon is viable currently but still the interested customers can avail 20 percent off via a promo link from the product's official website.


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