Northwestern Mutual: 5 Tips for Starting a New Job Remotely

Switching jobs is an exciting time. But when someone isn't physically going into the office, the first days and weeks feel a bit different. Sometimes, those starting a new job remotely can struggle to connect with co-workers and get into the flow. But these 5 tips can help ease the transition of starting a new job remotely. 

Reach Out to Co-workers  

Remote doesn't need to mean isolated. It's essential to get to know co-workers, whether virtual or in-person. Consider ideas like setting virtual coffee meetings with team members. Then, make sure those meetings consist of work and personal talk to truly get to know each other. After all, not all chitchat by the office water cooler is work-related. 

Be on Camera  

It's challenging enough to get to know people remotely, but it's even harder to make an impact when people don't know what one another looks like. That's why it can be helpful for new employees to have their cameras on during meetings. When new co-workers can put a face to a name, they're more likely to reach out to connect in the future.  

Update Financial Plans  

Starting a new job will inevitably mean changes to finances. As income changes in a new role, it's the perfect time to re-assess retirement contributions, the household budget, and the amount of an existing life insurance policy. 

First, be sure to roll over any old employer retirement plans into the new company's plan (or another account) and take advantage of any employer-sponsored benefits. Then, if income has changed dramatically, be sure any existing whole or term life insurance policy is still sufficient to cover the beneficiaries' income needs.  

Seek More Feedback  

It can be far more challenging to understand how someone performs in a remote role. That's why it's critical for employees starting a new job remotely to request feedback from their manager and team members. This could happen through weekly one-on-one meetings or as a follow-up after submitting a new assignment. The most important thing is to keep an open line of communication with the new team, so they feel comfortable providing the feedback too.  

Ask for an Onboarding Partner  

There seems to always be someone around in an office environment when a question arises. In the virtual world, it can be more difficult for a new employee to know where to direct questions. Having a manager assign an onboarding partner, like a teammate, can be helpful. That way, the new employee can ask small questions about work or company processes without bothering the broader group.  

The Bottom Line  

There are challenges with starting any new job, but starting a new job remotely can feel even tougher. Using tips like reaching out to co-workers, being on camera, updating finances, seeking feedback, and getting an onboarding buddy can help remote employees to connect and have a great onboarding experience in a virtual office. Above all, those starting a new job remotely need to be patient and give themselves grace. Everyone is still learning to manage a virtual workforce, so ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable. 


Source: Northwestern Mutual

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