Northeast Autoglass Urges Drivers To Avoid Increased Risk Of Windshield Damage By Repairing Chips Immediately

Northeast Autoglass offers several options for fixing chips and cracks in a windshield. Drivers who notice cracks or chips in their windshield should have them fixed immediately, due to the probability of the problem worsening over time.

July 1, 2010 -- As summer comes to northeast Pennsylvania many drivers will be utilizing their vehicle's off-road capabilities or driving on ill-maintained dirt roads with loose gravel and rocks. Driving on these surfaces at more than 10 miles per hour can result in rocks being kicked up with enough force to chip or scratch a windshield. Many drivers tend to discount these small chips, which can lead to more significant damage down the road.

"Though it can be tempting to just forget about that little crack or chip in your windshield, our experience would suggest that's a really bad idea," explains Northeast Autoglass CEO Adam Nulton. "Eventually, whether it's from another pebble or even something as innocuous as a big bump, that cracks going to grow bigger, and then you may be looking at needing to replace the entire windshield."

Northeast Autoglass offers a wide range of options to their customers who require windshield damage repaired. Their mobile service can visit a customer's home or workplace with all the necessary tools to complete repairs or replacements on the spot. Alternatively, if the damage is not severe, the customer can drive to the Northeast Autoglass building at 529 Rear Scott Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Northeast Autoglass repairs windshield chips and cracks and also provides replacement windshields for all types of passenger vehicles including: cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks. They can also work with tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles. They use only the highest quality name brands of glass, such as PPG and Pilkington. The company is proud to offer a life-time warranty with all new replacement windshields, along with 24-hour emergency replacement. All major insurance claims are accepted, and their technicians are the most qualified in the business.

Appointments are available throughout Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon and Monroe counties. For more information, to make an appointment or inquire about a commercial account, visit: or call 570-822-0100

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Northeast Autoglass has been repairing and replacing windshields in northeast Pennsylvania for many years. Their constantly expanding service area currently includes Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon and Monroe Counties. Learn more at:


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