North Star HQ, Denver University Research Findings: Tech Companies Seriously Underestimate Their Marketing Needs

'What Works Now: Sales and Marketing' Zoom Webinar, September 16, Explores Research Findings and Identifies Leading Marketing Techniques

North Star HQ and University of Denver

North Star HQ, a digital marketing agency, recently partnered with the University of Denver’s Consumer Insights and Business Innovation Center (CiBiC) to explore current trends in the technology industry and how technology companies generate and convert leads, as well as evaluate their return on investment.

The findings indicate that most technologies companies do not have a stable sales and marketing plan. Technology companies are missing a growth opportunity. 

North Star HQ has created a virtual lunch and learn program to not only educate technology companies on the findings from their study with the University of Denver but to train companies on how to properly implement sales and marketing tactics according to the study.

“Technology companies cannot expect to succeed in a competitive and evolving industry without an established sales and marketing platform.” -Katrina Padron, founder and CEO of North Star HQ, a digital marketing agency

North Star HQ's small team of smart marketers started where they always do: With a burning question. 

At North Star HQ, their people obsess over fresh insight on how business leaders in advanced industries — like construction, advanced manufacturing and technology — approach their marketing strategy.

When a question arises, their first approach is a deep dive into the data. 

A collaboration with the University of Denver’s Consumer Insights and Business Innovation Center was formed to explore the possibility that leaders in the Technology field were missing out on the opportunity to strategically scale their leads and conversions. 

In essence, were leaders in the technology industry seriously underestimating their own marketing needs? 

The team surfaced from the data with insight in tow: Most tech companies don’t have a stable marketing plan in place at all. 

“Without a plan, marketing can be a drain on executives.” -Katrina Padron, founder and CEO of North Star HQ 

Executives don’t need to wade through unending marketing listicles filled with labor-intensive suggestions that might help scale the company’s revenue. 

North Star HQ, a digital marketing agency, created a virtual lunch and learn to reveal the research findings from Denver University and to identify leading-edge marketing techniques, which is a critical component of successful business management. This program will help companies learn how to generate and convert leads and evaluate their return on investment. 

Replace marketing problems with a plan to:

  • Automate the lead generation process 
  • Start intelligent conversations with leads that are verified to be high-quality 
  • Nurture those top-notch leads from awareness to consideration to conversion 

What Works Now: Sales and Marketing Findings from Denver University

Monday, September 16 at 12 MST on Zoom

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North Star HQ is a digital marketing agency that uniquely sits at the intersection of marketing, sales and technology. 

For additional information, visit Katrina Padron is available for interviews. This is a sample of her candid, casual speaking style

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