North Central Iowa Embraces Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley

Binkley Stands with Cerro Gordo County As He Shares Support For Their Causes

Ryan Binkley

From landowner rights to political status, Iowa issues may get ignored by national politicians but not by presidential candidate Ryan Binkley, who received a standing ovation at the Cerro Gordo County GOP Fall Festival Thursday.

“My interest is not just seeing Iowa first; my interest is in keeping Iowa relevant,” Binkley said to dozens of Republicans. “The RNC is trying to select the field of presidential candidates. Let's let Iowa tell us who the candidates are instead of letting the RNC or any other organization decide.”

Binkley has visited more than 80 Iowa counties and doubled his poll numbers in Iowa in a recent voter survey that showed him in sixth place, tied with Chris Christie and ahead of Doug Burgum and Asa Hutchinson.

“We're going to keep shouting this message that we better get back to God and get back to each other. We better quit the division in our country, balance the budget, end the monopolies in healthcare, protect our freedoms and landowners’ rights, and get the government out of our life,” Binkley said.

“What a powerhouse,” Rosemary Yokoi said. “I am impressed with Ryan Binkley; his passion for the country is palpable.”

“He is one of few candidates who cite our national debt as a real issue for all of us,” Jan Groff said. “He promises to work to end the division in the party and understands the importance of ending division in our country.”

“Ryan Binkley is the common sense candidate. He understands how business works," Bud Jermeland said. "As a pastor, his biblical worldview is important in these trying times. A vote for Ryan Binkley would be for returning America back to its traditional values and the principles of government our founding fathers established in 1776.” 

Binkley started his speech by referring to the three words of the founding fathers emblazoned at the top of the banner on stage.

“I think we've lost the power and the meaning of, We the People,” Binkley said. “We the People was never meant to be about the people with the most influence or those who live in the biggest cities or in the biggest houses. We the People was always about the person who was unseen. The Constitution was about the government serving We the People and not We the People serving the government.”

"He stands with the majority of Iowans who vehemently oppose the carbon capture pipeline and stands for the property rights of the individual," Nancy Paine said.

Binkley is co-founder and CEO of mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group. Binkley and his wife, Ellie, co-founded Create Church and have five children ages 13 to 23 years old. 

“Ryan Binkley wants to put God back in our schools and our country,” Nicole Nosbisch said. “He wants to save education for the children."

Source: Binkley For President 2024

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