North Carolina Democratic Party Launches Cutting-Edge Virtual Event Platform With Local Technology Startup

Jumbo LLC Powers New Virtual Event Platform

Women of Color Roundtable

Jumbo announces that they are partnering with the North Carolina Democratic Party to launch a robust virtual event platform to centralize the party's live online events. 

"We're excited to lean into the exciting opportunities presented by virtual engagement," said Kayla Jacobs, the party's Deputy Digital Director. "Our values of accessibility and inclusivity are never more on display than when we leverage technology to bring about our message. Online events offer us unprecedented methods of outreach and high touch connection to North Carolinians."

The platform, called NCDEMS.LIVE, will host live meetings, town halls, roundtable discussions, webinars, fundraisers, and other events within a branded digital ecosystem that supports donations, merchandise sales, user profiles, voting, and a host of other features.

The party is partnering with Jumbo, a North Carolina-based event technology company, to build the custom platform. Jumbo deploys custom virtual event platforms for enterprise organizations. 

"The Covid-19 pandemic revealed an appetite for online live events many previously were not aware of, especially as we marched toward a historic election in a politically turbulent climate," said Dion Beary, Director of Business Development for Jumbo. "We're proud to partner with an organization we admire in the North Carolina Democratic Party to provide an industry-leading virtual event platform to fully commit to online events."

By using a custom platform rather than a public social media platform, the North Carolina Democrats are able to offer more security, more features custom-fitted to each event, and can support the local event technology community.

"As large-scale social media platforms wrestle with their increasing politicization, we see a growing need for bespoke, ownable social engagement platforms," said Justin Ritchie, CEO of Jumbo. "Rather than relying solely on Facebook, YouTube, and their potentially radicalizing algorithms, parties like the North Carolina Democrats can safely communicate with their supporters in an owned platform custom fitted to their needs." 

The first event on the platform was "Together, We Climb: Women of Color Leadership Forum" on Nov. 13, 2021.

Jumbo, LLC is an event technology company specializing in building virtual event platforms that has powered over 500 live streams, over 6,000 hours of content, and served over 75,000 users. Jumbo is disrupting the virtual event industry by building custom platforms for enterprise projects. Jumbo has built virtual event platforms for organizations such as the Dallas Mavericks, NASCAR, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sally Beauty Holdings, the North Carolina Democratic Party, and more. To learn more about Jumbo, visit For inquiries contact

Source: Jumbo, LLC