Norouz 2011 at Queen Gallery

Norouz, meaning "New Day" in Persian, is the traditional celebration of the Iranian New Year. Celebrated in Iran, this festival, which marks the first day of Spring, has now spread to other parts of the world.

Here in Toronto, Queen Gallery is delighted to host our second annual exhibition marking this festival of jubilation. This year we have four Iranian artists involved in the show, all of whom are currently living and working in Toronto.

From March 3rd to 30th, Afsaneh Safari, Davood Mantegh, Firoozeh Tangestanian, Mohsen Khalili, Sayeh Irankhah, Touka Neyestani, and Ariel Belevi will each bring their unique artworks and voices to the gallery.

Storyteller Ariel Balevi will be reading The Yellow Pavilion: a story from the Haft Paykar, as part of the closing Norouz ceremonies, which will be held on Saturday, March 26th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. The tale comes from the "Haft Paykar", one of the great romances of classical Persian literature, and speaks of redemption through truth telling and the courage to face new beginnings.

This is a festival that encourages people to visit family and friends. There is a belief that the way in which a person celebrates Norouz predicts the way that individual's year will be affected.

So for this Norouz celebration, come and visit us! Meet old and new friends, check out the fantastic artworks, listen to the chords of the Persian tradition, and celebrate the coming of Spring at Queen Gallery!