NordLayer Reveals Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Firewall

A cloud firewall is a service that allows organizations to control who and how can access their internal and cloud resources. Gartner, a research and consulting firm, predicts a major move towards firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) by 2025. This change reflects a growing need for security solutions that extend beyond physical boundaries and are easy to update. 

Carlos Salas, a cybersecurity expert at NordLayer is sharing five reasons why your company might need a FWaaS now. 

Data breaches

FWaaS enables organizations to grant exclusive access to specific resources, reducing the risk of accidental leaks and enhancing overall security. “By acting as a barrier against external threats, Nord Layer’s Cloud Firewall minimizes the likelihood of security breaches and contains potential damage. It also prevents lateral movement within the network, limiting the impact of breaches,” says Salas. 

Achieving compliance

Compliance with various cybersecurity standards, such as NIS2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and HIPAA, is increasingly vital for establishing trust and credibility in businesses. As these standards focus on robust network access control solutions, the importance of meeting high cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. “For example, NordLayer’s Cloud Firewall emerges as an effective tool for achieving compliance, particularly with the upcoming mandatory NIS2 Directive in the EU,” says the expert.

Security strategy implementation

In the realm of network security strategy, professionals often rely on established frameworks and checklists to shape robust defense strategies. NordLayer’s Cloud Firewall stands out as an effective tool for implementing network access control measures. Notable frameworks like SSE and Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls v8 emphasize the importance of network access control, with Cloud Firewall serving as a practical solution. 

Unify security across hybrid infrastructures

Managing and securing complex hybrid cloud infrastructures involving a mix of cloud, on-premise, and remote physical sites can be challenging for businesses. However, a Cloud Firewall proves to be a valuable solution by simplifying the management of these intricate systems. By offering a straightforward and transparent method, it not only enhances security but also potentially saves costs and time in system administration. 

Enabling a safe hybrid work model

The shift towards a permanent departure from a solely on-site work model introduces new challenges, especially for IT departments tasked with enabling and securing remote work. While CEOs may readily embrace flexible work options such as remote work, working from anywhere, business trips, and worksations, security teams face the imperative of ensuring the safety of these diverse work environments. In the realm of hybrid work, Cloud Firewalls emerge as an effective solution, offering security measures that cater to the unique risks associated with the changing work landscape. 


NordLayer provides flexible and easy-to-implement cybersecurity tools for businesses of any size and work model developed by the standard of NordVPN. We help organizations secure networks in a stress-free way. NordLayer enhances internet security and modernizes network and resource access with technical improvements aligning with the best regulatory compliance standards.

Source: NordLayer