NordLayer Launches Firewall as a Service and Device Posture Security Features

Over recent years, NordLayer has evolved significantly in the market, moving from a simple business VPN to an advanced network access security solution.

Considering customers' needs and adoption, NordLayer is taking its service to the next level. Launching hot-in-the-market features like firewall as a service (FWaaS) and device posture security (DPS) will help the product deliver precise network security for unique business use cases and requirements. 

“NordLayer's new features represent a significant leap forward for both our organization and our valued clients. We are diligently progressing towards a streamlined approach to cybersecurity management, ensuring tailored solutions for every business, perfectly aligned with their unique requirements,” says Donatas Tamelis, managing director at NordLayer. 

The people behind NordLayer’s product tirelessly work to help businesses have stress-free solutions that meet their network security needs and cover more use cases. The latest features, like Cloud Firewall, enhance network security and granular access controls. With a few clicks, NordLayer’s cloud firewall seamlessly integrates into network infrastructure, protecting every connection point from the cloud. Also, from now on, the DPS feature will not only monitor the devices connecting to the network based on set rules but will also allow non-compliant device account blocking. This way, admins will get a clearer view of compliant devices, ensuring only safe access to company resources.

Based on the most relevant use cases to provide the best experience and robust network security using NordLayer, the company now offers three subscription plans –  Lite, Core, and Premium.

While the Core and Premium plans offer valuable internet access security and network access control solutions, the Premium plan stands out as the ultimate choice for organizations seeking top-tier protection and performance. The Lite plan is an excellent option for those requiring basic internet access security and global accessibility, making it suitable for marketing and QA teams. The Core plan, on the other hand, provides advanced internet access security and ad network access control options, offering essential features for device visibility and access control.

The Premium plan takes network security to the next level with its exclusive features. It not only provides enhanced network access control but also offers more refined segmentation and network connectors. With this plan, organizations can establish secure connections between remote devices, connect to on-site networks remotely, and restrict access for non-compliant devices. Moreover, the Premium plan includes advanced elements like Cloud Firewall (FWaaS), Device Posture Security, and Browser Extension, offering a comprehensive and trusted solution for the most demanding security requirements. For organizations prioritizing security and performance, the Premium plan is the premier choice among the three.

These plans come with professional, 24/7 available, tech-savvy customer support to always be by your side. 

NordLayer provides flexible and easy-to-implement cybersecurity tools for businesses of any size or work model developed by the standard of NordVPN. 

Source: NordLayer