NORC Expands Breakthrough Panel-Based Research Platform, Welcomes Bruce Barr to Oversee AmeriSpeak® Omnibus

NORC is pleased to announce its newest director, Bruce Barr, who brings new energy overseeing AmeriSpeak® Omnibus & Syndicated Research Services.  

AmeriSpeak Omnibus is a survey product that combines questions from multiple clients who all share the cost of conducting the survey. Each client receives the survey responses to their specific questions along with key demographic variables.

Since its launch in 2015, the probability-based AmeriSpeak Panel has seen substantive growth in client demand for survey data across both public and private sector buyers. As AmeriSpeak continues to evolve its products and services, Barr will be responsible for all aspects of growing AmeriSpeak Omnibus and related solutions.

Among the changes that prompted the need for a leader in this role, AmeriSpeak Omnibus is moving from conducting a once-a-month, multi-client survey to a twice-monthly effort using a probability sample delivering 1,000 nationally representative adult interviews online and over the phone. The move to incorporate another opportunity each month for customers to include their survey questions in the AmeriSpeak Omnibus responds to clients’ desire for greater flexibility.

“We look forward to expanding the footprint of AmeriSpeak Omnibus under Bruce’s leadership,” said J. Michael Dennis, senior vice president of NORC’s AmeriSpeak unit. “With his expertise in the field, we expect Bruce will develop specific Omnibus lines of business that will take advantage of the best-in-class probability panel that we have established in AmeriSpeak.”

Using the nationally representative AmeriSpeak Panel for the sample source, the AmeriSpeak Omnibus has been effective as a high-quality, low-cost, quick-turnaround tool for most any type of project. Its ability to serve multiple clients at once allows AmeriSpeak to deliver valuable insights quickly and affordably.

In this newly created role, Barr will oversee business development, project workflow execution and Omnibus research deliverables. He will also consult clients on study design and manage projects, working closely with the other team members to ensure the best possible experience across the sectors served.

“I’m thrilled to join this team of talented experts that is responsible for the most scientifically rigorous, multi-client household panel in the country,” said Barr. “AmeriSpeak Omnibus is poised for continued growth and I’m excited to be part of the evolution.”

Barr brings more than 30 years of survey-based market research experience to his new role with AmeriSpeak, with most of his tenure spent at leading market research firms. Most recently, Barr has been focused in the public affairs, corporate communication, media, government and academia realms, as well as in thought-leadership practice.

About AmeriSpeak®

AmeriSpeak® conducts surveys for experts who can’t afford to be wrong. Since its founding by NORC at the University of Chicago in 2015, AmeriSpeak has conducted more than 300 surveys, has been cited by dozens of media outlets and has become the primary survey partner of the nation's preeminent news service The Associated Press. AmeriSpeak randomly identifies Americans, including the country’s hardest-to-reach populations, and recruits them to provide their opinions and insights on a wide range of topics critical to our clients. The outcome is a truly representative picture of America and, thus, more accurate research results. Much more information is available at

About NORC

NORC at the University of Chicago is an objective, non-partisan research institution that delivers reliable data and rigorous analysis to guide critical programmatic, business and policy decisions. Since 1941, NORC has conducted groundbreaking studies, created and applied innovative methods and tools, and advanced principles of scientific integrity and collaboration. Today, government, corporate and nonprofit clients around the world partner with NORC to transform increasingly complex information into useful knowledge.

Contact: For more information, contact Eric Young for NORC at, (301) 634-9536 or (703) 217-6814 (cell).

Source: NORC at the University of Chicago


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