Nonprofits Save Over $1 Million in Human Resource Expenses With UST

UST member nonprofits received $1,001,385 worth of HR tools and no additional cost with their UST membership.

A UST member benefit since 2014, the UST HR Workplace powered by ThinkHR has quickly evolved into a go-to resource for UST’s 2,100+ participating nonprofit employers. Providing expert HR advice, state-specific legal updates, and thousands of downloadable HR templates, the UST HR Workplace gives nonprofits the knowledge they need to avoid costly compliance issues.  

“No matter how big or small an organization’s HR department may be, the UST HR Workplace offers security in their HR decisions,” said Donna Groh, Executive Director of UST.

The expertise and advice gives nonprofits quick resolution to everyday employee issues. Explained Groh, “Just last year, UST members had 1,279 of their toughest HR issues resolved by certified HR Advisors, their employees enrolled in 3,583 online training courses, and they had access to more than 5,000 documents in the resource library—equivalent to over a million dollars of advice and consultation—all for free with UST participation.”

Staying on top of the latest HR laws and educating employees on organizational policies can help mitigate volatile unemployment claims and reduce costs long-term. In an effort to help nonprofits further streamline their workforce management, UST is upgrading its HR platform to ThinkHR Workplace Pro—providing exclusive access to a convenient mobile app, premium training courses and upgraded tracking, and a compliance calendar with notifications of important HR due dates.

“We understand that nonprofits have enough on their plates without the added stress of having to constantly worry about human resources,” said Adam Thorn, Director of Operations. “We’re thrilled that this service upgrade will make our member nonprofits’ day-to-day work just that much easier.”

Nonprofits can get a free 30-day trial of the UST HR Workplace powered by ThinkHR at

Source: Unemployment Services Trust (UST)


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