Nonprofits Receive Over $10 Million in Cash Back From the Unemployment Services Trust (UST)

Over the next few weeks, UST will be giving 581 nonprofits a combined $10,346,757 in cash back for their ability to reduce their unemployment claims over the past year.

The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) announces that it will be dispersing $10,344,911.61 in cash back to more than 580 of their program participants. After accruing all of their claims savings, audited state returns and cash back throughout the last year, UST members will have an astounding $38.2 million filtered back into their nonprofits’ pockets.

“The $10 million we are returning to UST participants can offer the financial flexibility they need to execute additional mission-driven initiatives,” said Donna Groh, Executive Director of UST. “The UST team is pleased to be able to continue returning funds to our hard-working members, further supporting the communities in which they serve.”  

UST aims to provide 501(c)(3) nonprofits with the latest HR training, outplacement resources and unemployment claims management tools they need to stay compliant with the state and federal laws, while also helping to reduce paperwork burden. Unlike their for-profit counterparts, UST participants can receive cash back through UST when their organization is able to reduce their unemployment claims and still maintain a healthy reserve balance for future claims.

These refunds are just part of how UST serves its mission of “Providing nonprofits with workforce solutions that reduce costs and strengthen their missions.”

To learn more about the UST program for 501(c)(3) employers with 10 or more employees, visit or call (888) 249-4788 to speak with an Unemployment Cost Advisor.

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Founded by nonprofits for nonprofits, the Unemployment Services Trust (UST) provides 501(c)(3)s with a safe, cost-effective alternative to paying state unemployment taxes. UST participants save millions annually through claims management, hearing representation, claim audits, outplacement services and HR support. Join more than 2,200 nonprofits nationwide and request a free Unemployment Cost Analysis at

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UST is the nonprofit alternative to state unemployment insurance, allowing 501(c)(3) organizations to save up to 60% on unemployment costs and receive access to the free HR hotline with membership.

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