NonProfitPlus, a Cloud Based NonProfit Accounting Software Suite, Powered by Acumatica, Is Now Available.

Accounting software, with native modules, that streamline the specific accounting functions that 501(c) (3) organizations have been asking for.

NonProfitPlus, powered by Acumatica ERP, is pleased to announce the launch of a cloud based nonprofit accounting suite.  “Thanks to flexible cloud technologies, we can now offer a robust accounting suite for all nonprofit organizations, said Bill Dean, CPA, CEO, President, of NonProfitPlus.

NonProfitPlus is a nonprofit accounting software solution which recognizes that 501(c) (3) organizations are unique in the way they record and report activity.  NonProfitPlus empowers organizations to run successful programs by providing the accounting functionality they require.  For example, rather than tracking grants in a project accounting module, this product allows them to use a native grant management module.

"Manage your finances through a web browser on any device, anywhere. Involve everyone to drive growth and efficiency. New technology means new possibilities."

Bill Dean, CPA, President, CEO

This specifically designed software will streamline the way organizations manage fund accounting, grant management, and manage restricted accounts without using “work-around” solutions and additional data manipulation in Excel.  Users will enjoy enhanced budget validation in their procurement process, protecting the budget from request to payment.

By using cloud technology that requires no on-site maintenance, our functionality mirrors the natural business processes of a nonprofit organization.  The unlimited user model allows everyone to access their accounting software, not just financial users/administrators.  By involving everyone, you can more efficiently run your business and adhere to board approved budgets.  The native mobile application allows users to access their data on the go, especially when submitting expense claims and making approvals. 

In the final analysis, this cloud-based accounting system allows organizations to process work efficiently as well as effectively without adding burdens that cripple the workforce.  In the past, nonprofits have been stuck using off-the-shelf products due to the initial investment required for an on premise solution.  Cloud technology has changed everything.  NonProfitPlus can be setup in a short amount of time, with limited hourly consulting.  Users will have access to e-Training courses in all of the financial modules and NonProfitPlus

About NonProfitPlus

NonProfitPlus is a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers nonprofit organizations to effectively manage their finances.  Built on the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform, NonProfitPlus offers new and flexible technology that allows nonprofits to drive growth and achieve success in their programs.  NonProfitPlus is a recognized brand of Accounting System Integrators, LLC and is headquartered in New England with offices in North Haven, CT and Portland, ME.  ASI has been providing accounting solutions and integrations for over 25 years.



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Bill Dean, CPA

CEO, President

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About NonProfit Plus

We are an Independent Software Vendor that engineers software solutions for nonprofit organizations.

NonProfit Plus
140 Washington Avenue
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