Non-Toxic Commercial Disinfectant Now Launches Consumer Version to Combat Bacteria and Viruses on Surfaces

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the incredible demand for disinfectants capable of cleaning dangerous viruses on surfaces, a Texas company has partnered with the manufacturer of Xtreme-Bio to begin distribution to the domestic market.

This product has been used previously in industrial and commercial applications, particularly in agriculture. It is made entirely of EPA "clean ingredients" and is non-toxic, non-mutagenic and biodegradable, yet capable of killing a number of bacteria and viral pathogens including Human Coronavirus and SARS Associated Coronavirus.

"We saw the immediate need for a product like this, and with the COVID-19 virus spreading so rapidly, we began working quickly with the developer of this solution to create a version suitable for the consumer," said Catherine Kirschling, Executive Vice President for XtremeBio. "Our goal is to make this product affordable and available as quickly as possible to help disinfect and clean areas, making them safer and, hopefully, slow the spread."

Although Xtreme Bio hasn't been tested on the COVID-19 virus, it is a proven virucidal on a wide array of large and small envelope viruses, including H1N1, HIV-1, and norovirus, among many others. The product is currently in mass production for distribution in retail stores across the country but is available for immediate purchase online. The website will offer two versions of the product in a convenient ready-to-use solution.

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Source: Xtreme-Bio

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