NodeXperts (A Unit of Successive Technologies) Wins the Best IT Team Award for 2020

The organization was praised for its outstanding thought leadership, IT industry knowledge, and unparalleled team excellence while working on a project with Global Media Agency (GMA), a media agency that represents almost 70 of the world's top 100 largest advertisers.

CIO Conclave

​NodeXperts received the highly coveted award for Best IT Team in the annual CIO Conclave and Awards held on Feb. 20, 2020 in The St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai.  

“Our goal was to provide GMA with a platform for consistent reporting of data, as per predefined rules for every client, along with common onboarding and governance tools in place. We focused on building this platform such that it could be used all over the world to store and access data as required. We were able to achieve our targets because of our excellent collaboration and time management skills,” said Sapna Upreti, Technical Program Manager at NodeXperts. 

This global IT solutions company specializes in providing enterprise-grade technical solutions. Their work for the Media and Advertising Industry highlights their expertise, especially in design, development, QA, security, DevOps, and cloud services. They adopted an on-site-offshore model and micro-services-based cloud-agnostic architecture for application development and delivery. To handle the sheer size of the project, they divided it into two main segments - a data layer and a presentation layer. Single sign-on (SSO) helped with security control and tackling the cloud sprawl issue. 

NodeXperts also built a command-line application with components such as a content management system (CMS), component library, feature flagging, platform shell, and integrated business ready prototype (iBRP), to reduce the time-to-market for the delivery of new applications.

The CIO Conclave aims at bringing remarkable CIOs and IT professionals together to highlight how digital transformation can drive business growth. The idea is to focus on real-life case studies to derive pragmatic insights and discuss the different challenges faced. This year, the CTO of SBI, CIO of Eureka Forbes, CIO of Tata Capital, and CISO of the Future Group were some of the keynote speakers. 

“We encountered several roadblocks due to the complexity of the project,” said Sid Pandey, CEO of Successive Technologies. “We maintained open, honest communication with our clients and resolved all issues before our releases. We put our best minds together to work on this and stayed focused.”

“This is a very proud moment in the history and evolution of our company,” said Mark Bavisotto, Managing Partner and Head of North America’s Business Unit for Successive Technologies. “Our hybrid model allows many companies in North America to get the value and quality of onshore with the cost savings of offshore.”

NodeXperts was selected as the winner by a panel of high-profile judges and IT industry experts who recognized the company’s proficiency in software technology and business development.  

Visit the website for more information.  

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