Nocializer - a Unique Location Based Utility App

Nocializer – A unique location based utility app

Mumbai, India: Nocializer, the android based social utility mobile app has revamped the entire UI to make the experience seamless and smooth. The introduction of two main action buttons viz., 'Nocialize Now' and 'Shout Out' are the primary features of the app. Nocialize Now lets you get in touch with other users around you, while shout out broadcasts messages to them (all at one go). A product founded in India, the app will focus on metro cities for the initial phase of user acquisition.

A bit about Nocializer and the working:

Amidst all the frill social media and networking apps that we have today, here's one utility app that helps you network with people the way you should! What if you are stuck/lost some place and need some information urgent, say the best pizza place around, the best (cheapest) place to shop at, etc.etc.? Helplines can only help you with the contact info and going through those review sites are quite a task!

With a simple tap, Nocializer allows you to broadcast your question to other users around you, and get all the information you need in real time! Now you can just stand outside that restaurant and ask them peeps inside about the food (was it good/expensive?). Guess what, if the conversation is anything more than interesting, add the person as a friend. When was the last time you made friends with a complete stranger?

Nocializer is one of a kind android app that puts both the social and utility factor into use.

A few more instances on when and how to use Nocializer

1.       Outside a multiplex, wondering which movie to go for? Forget the tedious IMDB/Movie review sites, just ‘Nocialize’ and ask people around you (probably people who have just seen the movies!).

2.       In a busy shopping mall, guessing which brand/store offers the best sale/discount? Don’t have to make those dozens of phone calls, just ‘Nocialize’ and shout out loud to real shoppers present around you!

3.       Lost driving around a new town? Can’t figure the way to a place or if there’s a gas-station around? Just ‘Nocialize’ and ask people around!

The app is exclusively available on Android. Get it from here: tinyurl [dot] com/NocializeNow

Over the next 12 months, Nocializer plans to be available on iOS and Windows too. The beta version is scheduled to grow into a full-fledged proprietary media serving platform in the coming 12 months. The full-roll out will allow media being served on the app.

 About Sanju Nair: Having spent close to 10 years in the fields of Digital/Online Marketing and Advertising, Sanju Nair has handled online/social media campaigns for FMCG brands (Gillette, H&S, Oral-B, Pantene, Ariel, Whisper, Olay, Wella, Pampers, ITC Foods, Danone,etc.), Hospitality (Vivanta By Taj), Telecom (Tata Photon, Indicom, EBS, etc.), Entertainment (History Channel, CNBC, IBN, PIX, etc.)

Sanju was also shortlisted as one of the top 6 finalists across India for The British Council's Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards in 2011 for founding the country's first music merchandise store Rock-Robe

For any queries, please visit nocializer [dot] com

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