No Noise! Safer Buildings Coalition Affirms FCC Rules for Signal Boosters - Issues Call to Action

SBC calls for a cross-functional effort to address public safety radio interference

Safer Buildings Coalition

​​The Safer Buildings Coalition (“SBC” –, an independent non-profit organization focused on eliminating in-building “Wireless Dead Zones”, calls for the immediate convening of a task force to address public safety radio interference caused by the improper use of Signal Boosters commonly deployed to remediate poor in-building public safety and commercial wireless coverage. The details of this call to action are documented in a position paper entitled “No Noise”. []


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) issued a recommendation to “provide all firefighters with radios and train them on their proper use.” Since a high percentage of First Responder (especially firefighter) work happens inside buildings, it is common sense that these radios must function reliably in these locations.

On February 20, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a Report and Order that affirms the local governments’ authority to adopt ordinances, and/or fire or building codes that require signal boosters to be installed in certain buildings to ensure First Responders have reliable communications. [FCC’s Rule and Order to Improve Wireless Coverage Through the Use of Signal Boosters, WT Docket No. 10-4.]

Adoption and enforcement of codes and ordinances requiring effective in-building wireless coverage are steadily increasing in the US (and in Canada and other countries). While many buildings have benefitted from Signal Booster deployment, there have been recurring challenges. The increase in incidents where improperly deployed Signal Boosters have degraded or totally disrupted public safety radio systems is concerning and must be addressed in an affirmative way. This is the essential purpose of this position paper and call to action.

Key Objectives of the No Noise Position Paper and Call to Action:

  • Combat RF interference (Noise!) caused by improperly deployed in-building Signal Boosters.
  • Affirm and reinforce the essential role of Frequency License Holders in the deployment of Signal Boosters.
  • Affirm the essential need for reliable wireless coverage inside buildings for both First Responders and the public, and reinforce the essential role of consistent codes and standards interpretation and enforcement in achieving that goal.

Among the key stakeholders sought for this task force:

  • Frequency License Holders / Radio System Administrators
  • Codes and Standards Bodies
  • Fire and Building Code Officials
  • Public Safety Agencies
  • Industry members involved in manufacturing, engineering, furnishing, and installing Signal Boosters
  • Federal Agencies and Authorities: FCC, FirstNet Authority, NIST, DHS
  • Wireless Broadband Carriers
  • Related Industry Associations
  • Property Owners and Managers

The No Noise position paper proposes 18 Principles for Safe and Effective In-Building Communications.

Call to Action:

The Safer Buildings Coalition is calling for the immediate convening of a task force to address increasing public safety radio interference caused by improperly deployed Signal Boosters.

If you would like to register your interest in participating in this process and task force, please visit for more information.

About the Safer Buildings Coalition

The Safer Buildings Coalition is a 501(c)(4) not for profit focused on in-building technologies that seeks the following outcomes:

Three Pillars of In-Building Public Safety Communications:

  • Mobile 911 Calls Must Get Out with Location Accuracy
  • Mobile Mass Notifications Must Get In
  • First Responder Communications Must Work

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