No More Compromise Between Price and Efficiency: Elecard Provides Support of AV1 Implemented in Its Flagship Product, StreamEye

Elecard announces that a beta version of Elecard analyzing tool StreamEye supporting OAM AV1 codec will be demonstrated at NAB Show 2017

The rapidly increasing demands of IT industry drive a need for an open mainstream codec without excessive patent licensing fees which ensures fast streaming of 4K video while reducing the amount of bandwidth. The stiff challenge was taken by the Alliance for Open Media, a consortium including industry giants such as Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix. The joint efforts have led to the creation of a royalty-free codec - AV1 which can boast a number of winning features, such as advanced performance, compression efficiency and compatibility to any modern device at a required bandwidth. It is projected to provide a considerable quality advantage over HEVC, with estimated improvement to reach 25%.

Andrey Pozdnyakov, the founder and president of Elecard Group, explains, “The quality of intra frames encoding is striking, almost all intra blocks in AV1 are encoded more efficiently than in HEVC, with a similar partitioning. Asymmetric Numeral Systems coding by Jarek Duda brought an entropy coding mechanism which is many times faster and simpler than CABAC.”

"Proactively supporting this evolving standard is a strategic business decision for Elecard. We are committed in supporting the AOM AV1 ecosystem with our suite of Analyzer solutions."

Marc Clément, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

It is hard to overestimate the importance of AV1 global distribution for easier, cheaper and faster streaming of video content.  Elecard believes that this emerging format will boost the development of the streaming industry and the team is ready to support its further expansion. “The Elecard AV1 suite of analyzer solutions will help accelerate the debug and design cycles, allowing for better time to market. We are perfectly positioned to answer the demand from a technology and support perspective. This royalty-free open source codec will be fully supported by Elecard – an aggressive business strategy will be designed to enable the AV1 ecosystem,” comments Marc Clément, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.

A beta version of Elecard StreamEye supporting OAM AV1 will be demonstrated at NAB Show 2017, April 24-27, in Las-Vegas. Beta orders will be accepted for a select group of customers and partners.

Find out the performance results of AV1 vs HEVC encoded streams.

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