NMS Prime to Host NMS Prime Network Provisioning Tool and Network Management Platform on CableLabs Repository

The company has added exciting new apps-based source code to CableLabs' Github software repository

Open Source Network Provisioning Tool and Network Management Platform Company, NMS Prime, have announced that CableLabs will host NMS Prime software in a dedicated online repository.

NMS Prime offers easy access to the ISP Market with a range of solutions designed to increase efficiency within teams. The company's dynamic software provides access across multiple access technologies/domains such as DOCSIS, FTTH, FTTx, DSL, and Wi-Fi. It also delivers a seamless user experience across multiple connectivity services. The NMS Prime software is Vendor Agnostic and can be adopted by any ISP (internet service provider). It also reduces complexity for network operators through a simple and easy-to-adapt application marketplace.

CEO of NMS Prime, Torsten Schmidt, said: "We started NMS Prime because we wanted to reduce entry barriers for operators and get more people online via an open-source initiative. My experience as a founder of an ISP reflects the pain that many operators are facing: costly and overly complex proprietary solutions. That's why we built it from scratch with a collaborative App store in mind: From ISPs for ISPs."

Touted as a global authority on cable standards, CableLabs is the leader in innovation and R&D lab for the cable industry. The company is dedicated to inventing new ways to keep people connected by making broadband faster, more responsive, reliable, and secure. This new initiative will provide increased security and performance for NMS Prime customers, who will also be able to access a number of exciting apps for provisioning, monitoring, billing, administration, failure management and ticketing.

Commenting on the new initiative, Schmidt, said: "I have always been a big fan of CableLabs; so when we needed a reliable partner to host our open-standards software, we decided CableLabs would be a great fit based on their decades of communication technology expertise, innovation and their track record for reliability."

To access the CableLabs Repository visit: CableLabs Repository To learn more about CableLabs, visit: www.cablelabs.com.

About NMS Platform

NMS Prime is an Open Source network, provisioning, and management SaaS platform delivering the industry's first App-based Provisioning, Monitoring, Administration, Billing, Ticketing, and Failure Management tool dedicated to supporting ISP Internet, Wireless, and Broadband Service, Providers. NMS Prime's dynamic software provides access across multiple technologies and domains such as DOCSIS, FTTH, FTTx, DSL, Wi-Fi, and 4G/5G and delivers a seamless user experience across multiple connectivity services. NMS Prime technology is Vendor Agnostic and was built from the ground up by leaders in the ISP space seeking to mitigate issues with current available costly, complex, and bloated testing systems.


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