NMG Practice Solutions on the Importance of Proper Dental Insurance Verification

Properly verifying insurance prior to payment is a necessity for both dental practices and their patients

NMG Practice Solutions

NMG Practice Solutions has been working with dental practices for nearly 10 years to ensure smooth payment processing, and they've seen firsthand what difficulties can arise without dental insurance verification prior to billing.

An incorrect assessment of payment eligibility can have costly consequences for dental practices as well as their patients. They are also one of the more common dental billing issues to arise, with almost three-quarters of all dental billing claims facing problems due to inaccuracies in eligibility.

While eligibility assessments can often be resolved eventually, doing so requires a lot of back and forth work that most practices don't have the time for. In addition, verifying after the fact results in delayed payments and/or patients facing unexpected out of pocket costs—both of which can have a major impact on a practice's cash flow.

In order to mitigate the risk, NMG Practice Solutions works with dental practices to verify eligibility prior to processing, instead of after the fact. Proper dental insurance verification is essential to minimizing the percentage of claims that are denied and can make a huge difference in the overall amount of time between service and payment.

As dental billing consultants, NMG Practice Solutions will work with practices to streamline their verification processes and get claims settled faster. Additional dental billing services that the agency offers include practice audits, embezzlement risk assessments, and account adjustment analyses, all of which can help dental practices maximize their profit potential and keep cash coming in more regularly.

The more efficient that a dental practice can be with their billing process, the better experience they can offer for their patients. Dental insurance verification ensures that the basics are covered before a patient receives service, greatly reducing stress on both ends and giving patients—and providers—a lot more confidence in the billing and claims process.

About NMG Practice Solutions

NMG Practice Solutions was founded in 2013 and is run by founder and president Lana Rivera. As a leading dental billing outsource agency, NMG Practice Solutions partners with dental practices across the country to enhance cash flow and streamline front desk efficiency. NMG Practice Solutions also offers customizable audits and reporting, as well as one-on-one dental billing consulting services.

For more information, visit www.nmgpracticesolutions.com.

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About NMG Practice Solutions

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