NJ Senate Judiciary Stops Public Testimony Against Judicial Nominees, Family Civil Liberties Union Objects

The New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee announced yesterday that two Gubernatorial Nominees will be interviewed on February 6, 2017 but will not permit citizens to make oral argument which has been a customary long standing process.  The nominees were previously deferred and are now not eligible for tenure but can be appointed back to the bench.

The Family Civil Liberties Union (“FCLU”) objects to the Senate Judiciary Committee stopping public testimony and notified Nicholas P. Scutari, Chairman of the Committee in a letter objecting to the decision.  The FCLU has requested the Chairman to reconsider his decision and permit victims who have not previously come forward to testify.

When asked to comment on the decision to prevent more victims from testifying, Greg Roberts, President and Founder of the FCLU stated, “When our legislators prevent victims from coming forward and giving public testimony against judicial nominees, fundamentally, it appears that our three branch system of checks and balances has failed.  Certainly, the public is being sent a message that the legislature is supporting and protecting the judges rather than performing its duty of due process to protect New Jersey citizens.”

Two members of the FCLU claim that they have repeatedly contacted two Morris County Senators Anthony R. Bucco (R-Dist. 25) and Joseph Pennacchio (R-Dist.26) who have and continue to support the judicial nomination of Philip j. Maenza but refuse to meet with victims or accept evidence of judicial misconduct by Maenza when he was on the bench serving a family part judge in the Morris Vicinage.

Previously on December 12, 2016, six witnesses testified before the committee in opposition to the re-nomination including four litigants, a litigant’s fourteen year-old daughter and a litigant’s elderly mother.   

The FCLU encourages all litigant’s and their families who believe they are victims of Judge Philip J. Maenza to e-mail Senator Nicholas P. Scutari, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at senscutari@njleg.org.  The FCLU can also be contacted at fclu.org.

For more information contact:

Greg Roberts, President
Phone: (201) 220-4897

Source: FCLU

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