NIX United Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

NIX United, a global software development company, has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

NIX United Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Being a Google Cloud Partner certifies NIX United's experts in cloud, data, and machine learning engineering and architecture. These experts have proved their technical competence in managing big data for global enterprises, working extensively with Google Cloud data analytics products such as Looker, and having a consistent and efficient knowledge transfer approach.

Joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program is a significant milestone that demonstrates NIX's commitment to advancing our expertise and know-how in the constantly-evolving Google Cloud ecosystem. NIX professionals continue to obtain Google Cloud certification to benefit from all of the platform's enhanced capabilities and provide SME and large enterprises with transitions to Google Cloud as easy, fast, and cost-effective as possible," said Anna Vorobiova, Head of Business Development.

NIX United offers a full set of Google Cloud services, including:

●  Design and development of cloud application architecture   
●  Design and implementation of cloud infrastructure   
●  Migration to the cloud, including PaaS, SaaS, and hybrid solutions   
●  Modernization of monolithic systems into service-oriented solutions   
●  Building applications with serverless architecture   
●  Security management   
●  CI/CD implementation, transformation, automatization, and maintenance
●  Data management (data warehousing, ETL, persistence, security) and maintenance

NIX United provides customers with high-quality cloud-based IT integration and maintenance services, allowing businesses to improve operational efficiency, increase flexibility and scalability, accelerate time to market, and gain a competitive edge.

From now on, NIX United experts will also have access to unique Google Cloud development and testing toolkits, instructor-led technical training, and accurate, first-hand information on new products and features as part of this relationship. In this way, the Google Cloud partnership will assist NIX professionals in staying current on developing сloud trends and better understanding the benefits of each Google Cloud service.

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About NIX United

NIX United is a global software engineering company with more than 2,500 professionals and comprehensive expertise across multiple business and technology verticals. Since 1994, we have empowered tech companies, SaaS providers, and multinational enterprises with top-of-the-line solutions that extend their capabilities and contribute to their growth. NIX United is trusted by world-renowned companies, enhancing their businesses and assisting in achieving new heights through our technology solutions. 

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NIX is a team of 3000+ specialists all over the globe delivering software solutions since 1994. We put our expertise and skills at the service of client businesses to pave their way to industry leadership.

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