Meagan Martin Shares Tips on How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in 2018 on Tips on TV Blog

The Reality TV Contestant, Professional Rock Climber, and Fitness Expert Shares Some Timely Tips for Improving Health in the New Year

Meagan Martin on New Year Health and Fitness

Meagan Martin is known as the SheWolf and is widely considered to be the best female on the American Ninja Warrior circuit, having made it far into stage one of the National Finals two years in a row. The professional rock climber is also one of the best American Ninja Warriors, male or female, and is a hero to women and men all over the world. Just in time for the New Year, Martin shares some of the secrets that have allowed her to compete as an elite athlete.


A better new year starts with a better water, yet not all water is created equal. Essentia water is a supercharged ionized alkaline bottled water with a 9.5 pH or higher that is better at rehydration*, and delivers a clean, smooth taste. That clean, smooth taste is a result of Essentia’s unique process, which removes bitter-tasting acidic ions. It is the “go-to” water to help hydrate one’s body, especially while working on New Year’s health and fitness goals. Essentia water is available for purchase at retail stores nationwide and on Amazon. Go to to learn more.

*Results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study with Essentia Water vs. a leading bottled water in healthy subjects over two hours following moderate aerobic exercise.


Exercise is important, but it is really about diet and willpower. One way to curb cravings is with the new Fiber One Brownie Bites, that are the perfect guilt-free indulgence to satisfy a sweet tooth while maintaining New Year’s resolutions in 2018. The Fiber One Brownie Bites come in delicious flavors like Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Caramel, and with 6-plus bite-sized brownies per pouch at just 130 calories, they are perfectly portioned to satisfy cravings for a sweet treat. Each pack also contains 5g of fiber and less than 10g of sugar, all for 130 calories, making them an indulgence to feel good about. Fiber One Brownie Bites are now available at retailers nationwide. For more information, visit


Find an exercise program that provides motivation and works for any schedule. More than 6 million people each week around the world, across 19,000 fitness clubs and on-demand at home, work out using Les Mills programs. Now, Les Mills On Demand gives you 24/7 access to more than 300 scientifically proven workouts led by top Les Mills trainers from around the world, anytime, anywhere, for a monthly subscription of $12.99 and totally FREE to try for 10 days. Meagan recently started using the Les Mills Grit (HIIT), but they have other signature programs such as BODYPUMP® (weights), and BODYCOMBAT® (martial arts) that are a combination of scientifically proven sequencing and carefully selected music from today’s top artists that creates a truly addicting group fitness experience. The great part about Les Mills is that it works hand-in-hand with a research lab at Penn State University to test their programs, ensuring the best possible results and the most fun. For more information, visit


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