Nincha Languages Launches Ninchanese, a Gamified Chinese Learning Application in Open Beta, Now Available for All.

Ninchanese is a science-based Chinese learning web app that offers learners an adorable and effective method for learning Chinese. The method harnesses the power of cognitive sciences and games to make learning Chinese simple and enjoyable. With Ninchanese, Chinese learning becomes accessible to everyone and learners quickly start speaking Chinese.

Nincha Languages, an innovative company that combines the power of gamification with scientifically-proven learning methods to create a captivating and motivating Chinese language platform, Ninchanese, announces the launch of Ninchanese in open Beta on Ninchanese

Ninchanese is the result of three years of hard work to change the traditional Chinese learning methods into an incredible learning experience. Through this immersive story-based application, learners have access to a comprehensive learning approach working on their writing, reading, listening as well as speaking skills so they can level up their Chinese step by step.

Studies show being emotionally committed is crucial to enjoying learning a language and improving quickly. So, the learner’s journey on Ninchanese is a fully gamified experience which creates a stronger involvement of the learners and allows them to form an emotional bond to with the adorable characters in the application. In addition, Ninchanese uses an adaptive algorithm specially created for Chinese. It eases memorization and harnesses the power of spaced repetition, which is key, according to language scientists, to remembering 95% of what you learn.

The app’s strength is to not only target students but also to offer content for a broad range of learners such as expatriates, Chinese natives, employees from worldwide companies and anyone interested in the Chinese language and wanting to open their mind. In addition to being an efficient Chinese learning tool, through its compelling story, Ninchanese is a source of information offering concrete insights into Chinese customs, history and language. This provides learners with the essential cultural background they need to become proficient in Chinese.

The success and popularity of Ninchanese’s learning methods with over 100,000 Mandarin Chinese words learned on the app while in closed beta, prompted the company to move on to its next step: opening the beta. This new development will allow more learners to discover an engaging Chinese language education web application that will change the way they learn their favorite language.

About Nincha Languages: Based in La Plaine Images, a French cluster dedicated to digital media, Nincha Languages was created in 2015 by Sarah Aberman and Jean-Rémi Laisne. Part of the French Tech movement, the company embodies the creative trendsetter mindset of the French startup scene by offering a unique, fun and new way of learning Chinese.

If you’d like more information about Ninchanese, or if you’d like to schedule an interview with Sarah or Jean-Rémi please email us or send them a tweet @Ninchanese.