NilocG Launches New Website for the Only All-in-One Thrive Fertilization Solution for Planted Aquariums

Flagship Product Eliminates Need for Multiple Dosing While Providing Complete Plant Nutrition Used by Both Hobby and Professional Aquarists

Thrive fertilizer: North America's most trusted aquarium plant fertilizer

NilocG launches a new website for planted tank enthusiasts to gather and make THRIVE, a plant fertilizer that assures planted tank aquascapes flourish while eliminating the need for multiple products more readily available online. The company also takes it a step further in the industry, making its flagship product easy to dose, super-concentrated, and an all-in-one solution based on an effective EL dosing method with all essential micro and macronutrients.

Colin Grice, CEO, a self-described planted tank lover, reports, "Aquarium enthusiasts want to master their planted tank quickly and be able to easily create a lush underwater garden that sustains their fish in a healthy environment free from issues such as algae."

Grice designed his successful business around the knowledge that his people require unique products for their aquariums, along with online resources loaded with useful information, as well as a place to talk about their biggest concerns. Grice provides answers to frequently asked questions posted on the NilocG website and he is also active on Facebook.

One of the critical crafts required of both new and advanced aquarists is called aquascaping, and learning popular themes is a skill that involves arranging aquatic plants, rocks, stones, or driftwood to create an underwater garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides fish with a nourishing environment based on science and experience.

Along with one-of-a-kind plant fertilizers, liquid and dry, NilocG also provides tank equipment, including Co2 regulators, diffusers, and other accessories. Another unique product is freshwater Platinum Aqua Soil, a critical item for any successful tank. Every fish tank also needs an appropriate lighting solution that turns an aquarium into a mesmerizing aquascape. NilocG offers Prizm aquarium LED lights that can do just that.

Whatever level of aquarist someone is now, NilocG can help them advance their knowledge and skills while answering their questions about the best substrate, lighting, plants, fertilizer, low-tech or high-tech, water requirements or how to defeat algae, and so on. For anyone who is ready to create a wondrous underwater world with a healthy environment for their tranquil fish friends, consider joining a league of planted tank aquarium enthusiasts at NilocG. 

About NilocG

NilocG's mission is to provide new and advanced aquarium owners with the most advanced plant fertilizer products and tank equipment, as well as critical data for anyone to become a successful aquarist. More information can be found at NicloG, where everyone can post questions or sign up for the newsletter here or visit Facebook.

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