NIJ III Ballistic Insert From Sinoarmor Weighs Only 1.7kg, One Of The Lightest Ballistic Insert Plates In The Industry

Sinoarmor has over 20 years of experience in the bullet proof and body armor industry. They supply light weight ballistic insert plates and low priced bullet proof jackets at the best prices. Their products pass rigorous international testing standar

Wanchai, Hong Kong - Sinoarmor enjoys great popularity in the body armor manufacturing industry. As a leading body armor manufacturer, this company deals with a wide range of bullet proof products including but not limited to bullet proof life jacket, buoyancy aid, NIJ III ballistic insert plates and more. Sinoarmor has been a leading bullet proof supplier for over 20 years. This is a Chinese company producing the highest quality body armor that meets rigorous international testing standards. 20 years ago this company started as a naval rope producer in China, but today they have grown to be a force to be reckoned with in the bullet proof products industry.

This ballistic insert plate company produces a NIJ III Ballistic Insert that is very light, weighing only 1.7kg which is considered to be one of the lowest weight ballistic inserts available. It is one of the greatest challenges in the bullet proof products industry to create effective bullet proof products that are light in weight. The heavier the bullet proof jacket, the more difficult it is for the wearer to maneuver, a crucial point in a combat situation. The 1.7kg NIJ III ballistic insert allows the law enforcement and security personnel to move easily even when they are wearing the ballistic insert for additional protection.

Sinoarmor engages in continual research in the manufacturing of light weight body armor that does not compromise on its effectiveness. This company also manufactures bullet proof body armor that is very competitively priced. Sinoarmor bullet proof armor retains the highest quality standards at the same time as selling at reasonable prices. China has over the past few years become a leading bullet proof producer and Sinoarmor, by combining low price and first rate quality in the production of their light weight body armor, stands out to be a leading ballistic armor and insert plate company.

Product failure is not an option with bullet proof vests and accessories, and one cannot take chances with quality. Only items that have been subjected to rigorous testing should be purchased and Sinoarmor makes its products to the highest international performance standards. For more information on their range please visit

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