Nightclub Hall of Fame Makes 2 Huge Announcements

Nightclub Hall of Fame Announced 2 New Activations. The Top 100 Nightclub Awards and a Hospitality Convention simply called The Show

The Nightclub Hall of Fame has been making headline news since it was announced through the Las Vegas Weekly July of 2014. Its Hall of Fame honorees include Nightlife Iconic Figures, like Victor Drai (Drai's After-hours), Jesse Waits (Formerly XS, Tryst), Peter Stringfellow, Neil Moffitt (Hakkasan Group) and Peter Feinstein (Sapphire Gentlemen's Club).

In just the past 5 days through their Social Media Accounts, the Nightclub Hall of Fame announced their involvement in 2 New Activations; The Top 100 Nightclub Awards. and a Bar, Nightclub and Entertainment focused convention called The SHOW.

2 Huge Nightclub Hall of Fame Announcements

Esther Cortez, Editor

There has been no announcements of any 2016 Nightclub Hall of Fame Inductions yet, but with these 2 new activations, we can only assume, they will release the 2016 Honorees soon.

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