Niagara Systems Adds Ultrasonic Washing Technologies to Its Provided Solutions

Custom equipment builder is adding an ultrasonic washing system as a product line.

Niagara Systems, a leading producer of industrial parts washers, will introduce a product line - SonixClean. The ultrasonic washers bring their customers a proven solution for the right application. With more than 80 years of experience in the industry, Niagara has developed cabinet washers, tunnel washers, carousel washers, and many custom washers and automation equipment for companies across numerous industries.

In 2023, Niagara decided to focus on an ultrasonic washing product line that will provide customers with another washing technology that will serve a larger market than their typical custom solutions. After extensive market research and years in the industry, Niagara Systems has known there is a need for ultrasonic washing technologies. Each industry, application, or customer had the same generic need - but Niagara's team was focused on specialized equipment. The ultrasonic washer allows end users to get a solution that comes at a lower cost and is readily available. The SonixClean line is designed to the typical Niagara standards to ensure the wash system is long-lasting, efficient, easy to operate and maintain, and provides repeatable results at the required production rates.

Like custom industrial parts washers developed by Niagara Systems, the SonixClean ultrasonic washers were developed based on their customer base's insight and perfected through collaboration and comprehensive quality assurance. Niagara Systems' solutions are developed and tailored to their customers' needs with safety, sustainability, effectiveness, and efficiency being paramount. That's why clients choose Niagara to develop solutions and manufacture high-end automation equipment for their parts washing and chemical process needs. 

About Niagara Systems: Niagara Systems, a South Shore Controls, Inc. company, has been a leader in the industrial parts washing and custom automation systems industry since 1934. By working with hundreds of clients across varying industries, Niagara has gained experience to provide solutions that are proven to be valuable to each customer's production processes. From mechanical and electrical design to panel build and metal fabrication, the Niagara team lives under one roof to provide the best, most collaborative, and most effective work environment for these types of systems. Whether it is a common application or a highly customized process, Niagara Systems is the premier destination for all custom parts washing systems.

Source: Niagara Systems

About Niagara Systems

Niagara Systems, a South Shore Controls, Inc. company, designs and manufactures industrial washing systems. Founded in 1934, Niagara Systems has set the benchmark for high-quality, long-lasting industrial washers and dryers.

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