Nexxt Spine Announces Early Significant Clinical Evidence Results and Completes Enrollment for NEXXT MATRIXX 3-D Printed Technologies

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Nexxt Spine, LLC a leader in design and development of 3D printed, porous, titanium implants for the treatment of spinal disorders, announced the completion of enrollment and 6 month clinical data collection comparing the NEXXT MATRIXX® 3-D Printed titanium interbody family to Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone (PEEK) devices.

Nexxt Spine President, Andy Elsbury, said, "Nexxt Spine is grateful to physician researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for their time and effort in completing the 6 month review of the study results, and looks forward to the final 1 year data review."

"Results from the 6 month data that was shared with Nexxt Spine demonstrated a significant increase in the fusion rates for both one and two level procedures, as compared to PEEK, (82% versus 25% for the PEEK device). In addition, the analysis of subsidence of the interbody devices had only 11.8% of levels for the NEXXT MATRIXX® device showing subsidence greater than 2mm, while the PEEK device exhibited 55% of levels, showing that the NEXXT MATRIXX technology has intrinsic benefits to patients and their outcomes," noted Jim Freid, Director of Development and Clinical Studies

NEXXT MATRIXX® is manufactured using NEXXT Spine's proprietary technology of intentionally engineered 3D laser printed titanium devices which utilizes the 5 Core Pillars for a successful fusion: 

  1. Varying pore sizes of 300µm, 500µm, and 700µm to support vascularization and osteogenesis.
  2. A 75% open porous structure to increase surface area for nutrient exchange and potential volume for boney in-growth.
  3. A 7µm micro-roughened surface to increase osteoblast differentiation, production of angiogenic factors, and surface osteointegration.
  4. An integral modulus of elasticity engineered to be comparable to PEEK devices leading to a more physiological product.
  5. 700 µm A/P and lateral lattice geometry to provide robust, unimpeded radiographic imaging by reducing overall titanium material and device density.

"Here at Nexxt Spine we are committed to bringing exceptionally innovative products to the market," says President Andy Elsbury. "The NEXXT MATRIXX® proprietary 3-D printed technology continues to demonstrate positive clinical outcomes and positively enhance the lives of more patients."

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