Nexus Property Management to Host 'Rhode Island's Real Estate Power Players' Conference

Nexus - RI Real Estate Power Players Conference

Nexus Property Management has been selected to host the first ever conference of 'Rhode Island's Real Estate Power Players'. This real estate related conference will feature a panel of 4 industry leaders that include:

Dean DeTonnancourt - President of Rhode Island Association of Realtors

Don Grebien - Mayor of the City of Pawtucket

John LaPointe - Account Executive at LaPointe Insurance

Emilio DiSpirito - Host of the 'DiSpirito Team Real Estate Radio Show'

The event will be hosted and emceed by Nexus Property Management GM/VP Gregory J. Rice.

There is no registration or ticketing required. It is a first come first serve style event that will include complimentary food + drink. There is parking available off street in Nexus' lot.

The event is a live panel discussion run by you in the audience. Where else do you get a microphone and the ability to talk directly to those on top of their game? Unheard of!

The event date is June 6, 2019, at 6 p.m. at Nexus Property Management's National Headquarters located at 49 North Union Street Pawtucket RI 02860.

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