Nextube - The First Hackable Nixie Clock Inspired Modern Display

Rotrics announces launch of Nextube - a nixie clock inspired modern display on Kickstarter

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Rotrics is excited to announce that they have launched their latest creation: Nextube, the first hackable nixie clock inspired modern display on Kickstarter. It's a retro-style modern display that revives the beautiful warm glow of the nixie tube and at the same time shows you the key metrics of modern life. 

"Nixie tubes were introduced in the mid-1950s for numerals display but soon fell out of favor because of new LED display tech. But as time passes, it is becoming a legendary symbol for retro tech lovers like us," said the inventor of Nextube, James Wong, and he continues, "We use modern IPS screens to revive the beautiful warm orange low of nixie tubes, and this isn't just some exercise in nostalgia, Nextube can not only give you the time but also tells you the weather, shows you key metrics, changes your space vibe, and even visualize your favorite music. It's a display limited only by your imagination."

Rotrics is designing Nextube as a versatile display for all kinds of needs. Beyond a clock, it is a reliable time manager, a smart weather station, a music spectrum analyzer, a social media tracker, and a full-RGB ambient backlight. For retro-tech enthusiasts, it's a time machine that brings you back to the 60s. For up-to-minute technophiles, it keeps tracking important information for your work and life. With the accompanying software, it provides tons of built-in display interfaces to choose from, and it's easy for users to customize their own display. And best of all, open-source firmware is provided for higher-level customization.

"Love the design and functionality; a perfect bridge between 'old' & new." "Like the aesthetic + the variety of display options and further customization with the use of customized firmware." Comments from Nextube backers. 

After the success of the first crowdfunding campaign, the Rotrics team hopes to bring Nextube to life through Kickstarter, with the campaign launching on August 17, 2021. In the first week, they have already raised over $270,000 with support from over 1,900 backers, and are featured on Kickstarter's "Project We Love".

For more information on the details, please visit their campaign page:

About Rotrics: 

Rotrics is formed by a group of experienced engineers and designers who have a passion for innovative electronics, robotics, and gadgets. Back in 2019, their first creation, DexArm, the all-in-one modular desktop robot arm, was brought to life on Kickstarter by over 1,613 backers. Since then, the company has been focusing on creating innovative tech gadgets for creative purposes. 

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