Nextep Announces Work Flex Program for Employees

Flex Program Allows Employees to Work Remote On Their Schedule

 Maintaining its commitment to elevating the employment experience and enriching people's lives, Nextep has announced a new work flex program for employees. While the company has always embraced flexibility in work hours and location when life happens, implementing this policy is another step to increase overall job satisfaction for their people. 

Under the new program, employees can pick a flexible office arrangement that works for them both personally and professionally, with the opportunity to pick two full days per week to work remotely. Nextep employees can also choose between modified daily work schedules, such as 7:00 am - 4:00 pm, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, and 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, allowing them to work during a time that best suits their schedule while still maintaining a heavy focus on the company's clients and their own office hours. 

After shifting its workforce to work from home at the start of the pandemic, Nextep's people and its deep integration of technology proved that the company could be successful and continue taking expert care of clients no matter where they're working. Many employees found both personal and professional benefits to remote work, so Nextep leaders made it a priority to incorporate that flexibility into the company's return to office plans. 

"We place a huge emphasis on work/life balance at Nextep, and our work flex policy is just another way to put valuable time back in our people's hands," said Lindsey Nichols, Vice President of Human Resources. "We developed a flex program that gives our employees the flexibility they want, prioritizes company culture, and lets us maintain the exceptional support that our clients expect from Nextep."

Maintaining a strong culture is one of the company's main priorities and a key pillar of the flex program. While employees can select two full days per week to work remotely, departments agree on a day each week where all members are in the office to keep up in-person connections. To maintain personal connection across the company, every meeting is held with video capability so people working remotely can feel more connected to people and events at the corporate office. 

Nextep's leaders work daily to keep the company a Great Place to Work by consistently listening to its people. The company believes in continuously investing in its people because when a company takes exceptional care of its employees, its employees will take exceptional care of the business and its clients. 

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