Nextdoor Insights Reveals Strong Demand for Local Connections to Get Things Done and Reduce Loneliness in the Community

Nextdoor connects people to empower communities: 

  • 74% of Americans say friendly neighbor connections are key to not feeling isolated - that number jumps to 80% for Nextdoor users 
  • 71% of Americans say they want to meet more people in their neighborhood, and 50% of adults say they wish they had a closer relationship with their neighbors 
  • On Nextdoor, 85% of U.S. users are comfortable asking a neighbor for local recommendations 
  • 79% of Nextdoor users say they are more likely to consider shopping at a business or using a service if they knew it was a Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave / Favorite 

    Nextdoor (NYSE: KIND), the neighborhood network, partnered with The Harris Poll on the latest installment of its insights series discussing the importance of local connections on well-being and getting things done in the community — whether that be finding recommendations for a local service, borrowing equipment or grocery staples, or connecting with a neighborhood group to attend an in-real-life event in the neighborhood. From the report, we know that “Local” is both a place and a feeling, with over half of Americans (54%) saying “Local” is both a physical boundary and sense of community.

Reducing Loneliness through Community Connections
Local connections have a hugely positive impact on emotional well-being, with 74% of Americans confirming that friendly neighbor connections are critical to not feeling isolated — this number jumps to 80% for Nextdoor users. While 1 in 3 people in the U.S. (34%) say they feel lonely or disconnected from the community, this study confirms that Nextdoor is the place to connect to the community and reduce these feelings of social isolation. While roughly four in five Americans know at least one person in their neighborhood, half (50%) know only two people or fewer, and a fifth (19%) say they “don’t know anyone.” That number increases among younger generations: three in 10 Gen Z (30%) and nearly a quarter of Millennials (23%) say they don’t know anyone in their neighborhood. 

Over half of Nextdoor users say they have met close friends in their neighborhoods, and 75% of Nextdoor users agree that Nextdoor makes them feel connected to their community.  

This study also explored the impact of social media on feelings of loneliness and found that there are significant benefits to having online connections — which is most often linked to connecting with your community. 71% of those who say the way they use social media has a positive impact on their mental health and well-being, attribute it to connection or community. Indeed, this sentiment was echoed across all regions in the U.S., as no matter who, what or where, 50% of adults also wish they had closer relationships with their neighbors. This also spanned community types, with 54% of urban, 51% of suburban, and 43% of rural communities all expressing a desire to have stronger connections locally.

Local Connections Lead to Action on Nextdoor 
Nextdoor users are in a high-intent mindset when engaging with brands and small businesses, and this study confirms that social connections on Nextdoor lead to action. 85% of Nextdoor users (vs. 75% of all Americans) are comfortable asking a neighbor for local service recommendations. Compared with other platforms, U.S. adults are more than 2x as likely to use Nextdoor to find trusted reviews/recommendations than to use Facebook, and +87%  more likely than Instagram, +73% more likely than X, +53%  more likely than Pinterest, and +36%  more likely than TikTok. Brands and businesses can easily localize their message to address what is important to neighbors ready to take action on recommendations, like timely and regular store updates, offering discounts to people close by or by supporting the community with outreach and advocacy. We know Nextdoor users value advice and recommendations from their neighbors as 68% are motivated to go to the platform to be informed/get things done. 

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