Next Level Super Premium Pet Food—A Rising Star in the Pet Industry

Next Level Founders

Antoine Albin and Scott Glover, the industry veteran co-founders behind rising star Next Level pet food, are redefining pet nutrition again with their unique blend of expertise, hands-on leadership, and relentless commitment to quality and transparency.

After decades of co-leading another pet food brand to nationwide success, the duo’s decision to found Next Level was fueled by a belief that they still had opportunities to improve pet nutrition. Their new brand would leverage their comprehensive understanding of nutrition science and efficient manufacturing processes.

“Antoine and I have put our lives’ work into understanding what pets need to thrive and what goes into making a high-quality, consistent product,” says Glover. “With Next Level, we’ve created a brand that puts everything we've learned about creating high-quality pet nutrition in each formula and every bag.”

Even as the brand grows, Glover and Albin aren’t shying away from the nitty-gritty of the business. The two are involved in every facet of their operation, from designing the newly built plant and overseeing manufacturing to engaging with customers on social media. This attention to detail ensures the company's uncompromising commitment to quality is realized in every scientifically formulated product.

Glover, Albin and their team aren’t the only people privy to the details of their process. Through transparent online videos, social media posts and tours, they’ve opened their custom-built facility and manufacturing processes to the masses. "One of the biggest things setting us apart is our dedication to being upfront about what goes into our food and how it’s made," explains Albin. "We think trust is earned; part of that is seeing first-hand the quality of what they’re putting in their pet’s bowl.”

The brand’s unique approach has been recognized by retailers and consumers alike. Since its inception in August 2023, the company has gone from no presence to shelves in retailers across the country. The company has seen consistent double-digit monthly growth in retail partnerships and online sales. 

With Albin and Glover’s experience and unparalleled standards for quality and transparency, Next Level is one of the fastest-growing pet food brands and an industry contender to watch.

About Next Level Super Premium Pet Food

The moment ingredients enter the Texas-based Next Level pet food manufacturing facility to loading bags on the distribution trucks, Next Level prides itself on controlling quality. This independently-owned business built their entire company—from the science-backed formulas to the manufacturing plant itself—from the ground up, leveraging expertise gained from decades of pet nutrition experience and leadership. The founders knew they could create better nutrition at a better price point. Now, Next Level pet food is fueling whole body health and longevity of pets around the country with science-formulated super premium pet foods and supplements. Learn more: and, and find Next Level on Instagram @NextLevelSuperPremiumPetFood.


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About Next Level Super Premium Pet Food

Next Level Super Premium Pet Food sets the bar for pet nutrition, offering a range of products to meet your pet's nutritional needs.

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