Next Generation MediaMath Launches With New Tools and Capabilities Powered by Infillion

MediaMath is now available to advertisers, resellers and agencies seeking to build bespoke solutions and those looking for access to Infillion’s industry-leading products and unique data sets

Today Infillion, a full-service technology platform that helps advertisers elevate their media plans with cookieless data, advanced formats and guaranteed attention, announced the relaunch of demand-side platform (DSP) MediaMath, which is now available for advertisers within Infillion’s end-to-end platform.

The integration of MediaMath into Infillion’s existing portfolio of products, like TrueX, NeXt and InStadium, provides advertisers with a unified platform for future-proofed programmatic and creative solutions custom built to meet their specific KPIs and goals. The relaunch also comes with a powerful network of partnerships that bolsters MediaMath’s unique data sets and ID-agnostic audience building.

The core differentiators of the new DSP include: 

  • MediaMath’s modular, API-first solution empowers legacy brands and retail media networks to craft their own customized tech stacks for greater control of their campaigns. 
  • As the industry prepares for the cookieless future, Infillion’s first-party location and zero-party survey data, combined with MediaMath Audiences, MediaMath ConnectID and Infillion’s XGraph, allows advertisers to expand addressability through its flexible identity core, built to allow any provider to transact natively on Infillion’s platform. 
  • MediaMath’s strict privacy compliance safeguards advertisers who run media globally across any regulated vertical, such as pharma, political, kids, gambling, and alcohol.

Infillion builds upon MediaMath’s pioneering technology to address the key pain points modern marketers face today, such as the need for increased transparency into the supply path to eliminate media waste. Through MediaMath Marketplace, advertisers gain access to high-quality, omnichannel inventory that is curated based on each advertiser’s vertical and KPIs. MediaMath by Infillion also announced the return of MediaMath Academy, offering in-depth training, certification and recruitment consulting for both industry veterans and those new to programmatic.

“Today, we are sharing the results of our work to relaunch MediaMath, illuminating the path to a world in which marketers aren’t constrained by one-size-fits-all approaches that force them to sacrifice performance for awareness, or vice versa,” said Rob Emrich, Founder and CEO of Infillion. “I’m excited for marketers to experience the flexibility and ability to scale end-to-end engagement our unified platform offers, powered by the combined technology of MediaMath and Infillion. With the combination of our products into a comprehensive solution, we’re not just open for business - we’re rewriting the rules of what a modern day DSP looks like.”

Powered by The Brain, MediaMath’s proprietary AI performance model, the platform automatically allocates budgets to the best performing strategies and channels. The platform also provides more transparency with respect to media costs and log level data transparency to ensure a higher percentage of working media dollars without owned-media bias. MediaMath has now re-integrated over 20 supply-side platforms (SSPs) and counting, and its spend through the platform has doubled month-to-month over the past quarter.

MediaMath works hand-in-hand with Infillion’s TrueX, Next and InStadium products, allowing advertisers and resellers to execute hyperlocal, personalized creative with the efficiency of programmatic. To measure the effectiveness of campaigns, Infillion provides full-funnel measurement and attribution, including insights into overall brand impact through UpLift real-time survey feedback and in-store and online consumer behavior through Arrival. 

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Infillion is the only truly global media buying platform, combining the power of MediaMath’s industry-leading data and technology with the unrivaled performance of TrueX’s interactive video and CTV technology. Infillion works with more than 1,400 of the world’s leading agencies and brands with premium managed- and self-service cookieless media solutions that deliver guaranteed attention in an increasingly opaque media environment. Infillion is headquartered in New York City and also owns Gimbal location-based technology, InStadium, NeXt, and Infillion can be found online at The company is one of the most awarded tech companies in the media, marketing, and advertising industries and is one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2024.

Source: Infillion